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xx Group Discussions on Slack

November 06, 2015, 10:17:49 by Mike Bobbitt

I have recently created a group discussion service on Slack (see below if you aren't familiar). This is an early trial and may have some bumps along the road as we go. Members can sign up using this link:

Note however that signup is limited by domain. For now I have added and (just to be progressive) This means of course, you can only sign up automatically with your DND account. However I can also send invites to users via their non-DND email addresses - if I know them. If you don't want to use your DND email for this, please PM me with your personal account and I will send an invite. We will see how this process goes, I anticipate it could be a little labour intensive at first.

What is Slack?

Slack is a collaboration service that provides chat rooms and file sharing across multiple platforms. For more info, see their overview page:

Why sign up?

It's free and you get to chat live with the awesome people here.
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xx Leadership qualities of a junior NCMs/ MBA after being a Junior NCM

November 21, 2015, 23:22:07 by Flyingboy444
Hi! So currently I am attending University, pursuing an accounting degree. My question is; as a junior NCM in the RCA (Gunner and Bombardier) do you learn any valuable leadership skills that could of value in the civilian world? I am interested in joining the Reg force as a NCM after graduating. Why not Officer? To be honest I do not believe that I have the qualities to be an officer in the Combat trades. Support trades like logistics are a different story. So, do you think employers will consider my 3-5 years as Gunner/Bombardier, valuable? I would be interested in getting a MBA after my service too. Does anyone know if NCMs with degrees do MBAs after their service? I know Officers do but what about NCMs. Lastly, how is it being a NCM with a degree, is there a lot, will I be promoted faster?

To add, I joined my local artillery reserve unit in september. So, I would have 4 years of Reserve experience before joining

xx Canadian Millitia/Insurgent tactics?

November 20, 2015, 22:44:53 by Pieman
I am wondering if there is any kind of information/operations manual that is geared towards situations where North America would be overrun with an occupational force? I am thinking that back in the cold war, there may have been tactical information for a militia to engage occupying Russian forces if they got a foot hold in some area? Effectively something to allow for civilians to organize an insurgent style opposition force.  I guess a 'Red Dawn' type of situation. Perhaps that might be a future Chinese scenario.

I have been thinking about what I would do in such situations, what kind of weapons could I put together with stuff that is in my garage, home depot, etc. It's funny because the best the Taliban could muster was diesel fuel mixed with fertilizer, and rigging some basic charge mechanisms.

The things I was able to come up with so far are a bit scary by comparison. ha.

Anyway, if there is no information like this available then it is something I am considering putting something like that together. Anyone know of an operations manual or something like this out there? I have googled but no luck finding something so far.

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November 17, 2015, 23:01:18 by chipinator
Hey there,

Would anyone mind sharing roughly when in the Summer PRes BMOQ-L is run? (e.g. end of May to end of August?)

I tried searching for this but generally only found out length, not dates. So far there my unit hasn't been able to give me firm dates but I'm just trying to see if there's a general time that it's usually run.

Thanks a lot!
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icon12 SMESC and phases in SoM

November 06, 2015, 09:34:58 by blackberet17
Hi folks,

New OC at the unit, and he was DS on AOC, plus Staff College. In a recent set of orders for a Sqn shake-out ex, his Scheme of Manoeuver was a single paragraph. Me being an eager Battle Captain, and having to rewrite a portion of the orders because of last minute changes all over the place, I saw this one para and didn't understand. So I went with what I knew, which was to phase the operation, i.e.:

Scheme of Manoeuver: This operation will be conducted in X phases:

Phase 1: Plan and Prep/Deployment
Phase 2: *Insert Main Task*
Phase 3: Consolidation/Redeployment

And then on with Main Effort, End State, etc. I've seen various phase tasks, obviously, such as Phase 2: Conduct of Route/Point Recce Task, and Phase 3: Op Screen, etc.

OC came back with, "No phases!" He stated there is no need to have phases in an operation unless you need to leverage troops to task. I understand what he's saying, but the "no phases" is different from what I was taught and learned from BMOQ to Tp Ldr.

Does anybody have any points of reference on this? I was thinking it was a question of higher level planning, whereby the JTF Comd for example wouldn't indicate phases, but a lower-level commander, such as a Tp Ldr, would. But all the orders I've seen to date, from TBG on down, have contained phases for the operation. I couldn't find anything in LandOps, the GMR, etc.

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xx Courses

October 25, 2015, 00:45:09 by Jekup
Hey fellow soldiers. I was wondering how long is Dp1 Infantry reserve course in wainwright?
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