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xx Ways to improve

July 16, 2014, 23:26:53 by PhoenixWright
I have lurked on this website for a great deal of time and there is an issue here that would do well to be rectified, depending on the point of view of the staff. If you would like your website to be inviting to civilians with queries and members of the military who have not spent twenty years in yet, then it might be worthwhile to read on, but if you would prefer for this forum to remain a Chief & Petty Officer's mess, well,, don't bother.

This forum is essentially the gateway for all military members across the country to discuss things, as well as give civilians direction if they have questions about joining or our operations.

However, the toxic atmosphere here makes it difficult for them to relate and sets a bad tone of the military from the get-go. The users here are very concerned with the military image, but are typically rude to new users.

Not too long ago, there was a new forum created, called recruits only, a place solely for new users.  This was done, evidently, due to the great number of recruiting questions that were so toxic to the recruiting  forum that they had to be hidden away from the senior users because it was such a waste of their time to tell them every time to search the forum for the answer. You know, if you have the time to tell them to search, you have the time to give them a reasonable answer. It is very offputting to new users.

And then there is the internet rank pulling. I have seen so many times where milpoints are used as leverage. Sometimes that fails and you have to actually be an internet sleuth and use the GAL to pull rank on someone who disagreed with you, which flies in the face of the terms and conditions relating to privacy, but oh well.

Here's an example of a healthy military discussion forum for Canada:

No one is insulted if they make a repetitive post because discussion is encouraged and the forum isn't an old boys club. This forum could be the same if you chose to be more inviting.

6 comments News

xx Camaraderie

June 28, 2014, 13:21:59 by dennmu
Now I'm prepared to get some backlash on this topic, in fact i look forward to it.

Now before i start, please be advised I'm still a pup when it comes to the military. I wish I had of joined when I was eighteen rather then thirty-two, maybe  then i would have seen the level of camaraderie that i have heard so much about. Now I'm not saying there is no camaraderie in the forces, but i have noticed a major decline. It would seem to me, that the newer and younger generations have little to no understanding of what it means to truly work as a team, to befriend one another and support each other.

I have talked to many of the older generations, I hear the stories of how close everyone was, how supportive everyone was. I look around and i see little, to none of this now. I live in the PMQ's, and I can't get so much as a hello, let alone someone helping out with shoveling snow. I have heard stories of how great the mess was and how you worked hard and played hard with each other. I go to the mess, and it's dead. Worse off when we have a meeting, it's the only time the troops have been there, and most of the time not by choice. I end up hearing people complaining about the mess that they never attend,  and how they have to pay into it, it should be a choice.

I'm a little older, i like traditions and embrace them. I believe, in order to know where one is going, they need to understand where they have been. So i ask the older generations, what does it take to build the camaraderie of old, and what can i do to help. Help me and the next generation, build what seems to be lost, and carry on what is and should be, a familiarity of friendship and support for each other, a bond and devotion like no other.

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xx Stay Down Inside your Crew Hatch !

June 21, 2014, 21:28:48 by Master Gunner
Guys. Recently in Wainwright it was very sad to hear of the loss of another Soldier who had passed due to a LAV III Rollover.
I was there that day and saw the vehicle overturned. I know firsthand after being in armoured vehicles as a crewman most of my life how things can quickly change as we train hard with or vehicles cross-country over very difficult terrain. Everywhere Troops in every type of armoured vehicle are riding way too high out of the cupola and I continued to see it until returning from the Training area.
Get your *** down inside the Hatch !!!!

icon17 Edmonton Recce

June 14, 2014, 16:34:21 by Scuba_Dave
So I have decided to take the long vigorous task of going from Navy to the Army (3 PPCLI hopefully). Currently on paternity leave until 27 Oct 14. My wife, daughter and I will be heading out to Edmonton to scope the place out later this summer, but our time is limited and I was just wondering if you folks could narrow our search in somewhere that would be great to live. We are looking for somewhere that is obviously not a cesspool, but we don't need anything to fancy. Probably looking at buying a house. Friends just got posted to Edmonton and are going on their HHT in about a week. From what we have heard Sherwood Park is a fairly decent place. But how bad is traffic in the mornings and afternoons? Anything you could help us with would be amazing!!

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xx What is it like being an Artillery Soldier from a soldiers perspective

June 10, 2014, 22:32:05 by Jtran57
I am thinking of becoming an artillery soldier after highschool. What is it like to be one? What do you do on deployments?Can you give me some advice about being an artillery soldier. Thank you in advance
1 comment

xx Tasking / Posting with girlfriend

May 29, 2014, 11:46:33 by krimynal
Hello everyone ,

I just had a quick question ,

My unit told me that there was a good chance I was gonna be gone on a 8 month to 1 year tasking somewhere in Canada starting at the end of august.

Now the big question , Is is true that my girlfriend can't follow me if its a tasking , where as a posting she could follow me ???

You see where I am going with this he he !

Let's just say my girlfriend would really really like to follow me , so I was wondering if it was a 100% no-go for the girlfriend or if there could be possibility , if we were married or something else ( we were already thinking about it , but if it makes it possible because we are married , then , let's say it might happen sooner then expected ! )

thanks a lot !
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