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xx RMC website is out of service

February 20, 2017, 11:57:47 by luttrellfan
The RMC website is down right now which really sucks because all my school work is done online through moodle. Would anyone by chance know what's going on?
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Armyca-Ico Advice needed regarding Vehicle Tech (Reserved) vs Medical Assistant (Reserved

February 20, 2017, 01:54:17 by kod006
Good day, everyone,

I am trying to make decision and decide whether I want to be a Vehicle Tech or Medical Assistant in Reserved. By the way, I have a V4 vision. Can any experienced members give me advice about that?

1. As a reserve which of these two occupations will give me opportunity to travel (either within Canada or other countries) and explore?

2. As a reserve, which of these two occupations will give me opportunity to work on combat skills or roll out with combat units on the field?


3. If I ever decide to leave the Force one day and want to travel and work aboard, which of these two occupations will help me as a skilled worker?

Thank You!

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xx Thunder Bay Armoury Reunion, 28 Dec 2016

December 20, 2016, 16:31:38 by
If you've spent time in or around this place ...

... you may be able to see some old faces/acquaintances Wednesday, 28 Dec 2016, starting at 2000 in the Sgts/WO Mess for this year's reunion, hosted by the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment Association.

Who knows who you'll see there?
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xx Access paystatements

November 29, 2016, 20:52:07 by Carntsen
Hello all.
I have been in the reserves for just over a year. I am trying to find out how to access my pay stub information. I have been told there is a website I need to access.  I also heard it can be emailed.

Can any give me any further info of how to get this information.

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xx Pride to be in the forces and everybody is leaving

November 09, 2016, 14:07:25 by JF P
Hi everyone

I have been in the airforce for 8 years .its is now my second posting and still the same .no one like to be in the forces and everybody is trying to get out .

I like the canadian forces , the best time i had was on tasking or exercise in seems like everyone i met in wainwright ( infantry or armoured ) loved there job and bever said anything about it being bullshit and couldnt wait to get out .im a firefighter so it could be that airforce love to complain but everubody is looking for civilian job .

So after that long paragraphe of not saying anything i was wondering if there is more pride in the army , more people liking there job and less complaining ( i dont mean complaining about the shitty weather ,the rain or the lack of sleep ) i mean complaining about serving there country or the forces in general .it seems like it was better before people are saying but if i was looking to remaster the army a better fit .

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xx QL2 Qualified, Thinking of Switching Trade

November 05, 2016, 16:30:44 by ThunderT
I apologize if this is a common question, because I have a gut feeling that it is, but a search did not bring up any result.

I'm a QL2 qualified reservist, and despite not having the full qualifications, my unit has graciously allowed me to get some hands-on experience with the rest of fully qualified unit. However, I've unfortunately found that the trade I'm in isn't quite stirring up the passion I was hoping for. My question is, if I'm interested in transferring to a different trade before my QL3 course, how would I go about initiating the process? What documents should I ask for (if any), and from who?


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February 22


The last invasion of Britain; the French at Fishguard


Battle of Ogdensburg


Private Osborne of the Northamptonshire Regiment, won the Victoria Cross during an action in the First Boer War, when he rescued a wounded man under very heavy fire.


British troops succeeded in capturing a number of Turkish trenches at Sanna-i-Yat in Mesopotamia. The Turks launched a vigorous counter-attack, and managed to retake part of the position. However, Sergeant Steele of the Seaforth Highlanders, assisted by another soldier, managed to position a machine-gun in an advantageous spot. Steele then manned the gun and for several hours was able to frustrate Turkish attempts to exploit their success. When finally another Turkish attack did break through, Steele managed to rally the British troops, and led them in a successful counter-attack of their own, during which he suffered a severe wound. His gallantry and leadership was recognised by the award of the Victoria Cross.


Harris appointed Commander in Chief, RAF Bomber Command


HMCS Weyburn sunk by U-118


HMCS Trentonian sunk by U-1004

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