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xx Site Security

April 10, 2014, 14:11:02 by Mike Bobbitt

Over the coming days and weeks, you will notice a few changes to the site, as we move incrementally to a more secure model. The first change you will notice is that the site URL for the forums is changing. While the old "" will still work for the foreseeable future, the new default will be to drop the leading "forums" subdomain. This is a minor change on the surface, but with far-reaching impact as we have been operating as "" for a very (very) long time.

This change was made to consolidate the "forums" onto the same hostname as the rest of the site. The content and hosting remains the same, it's more or less a cosmetic change. With this done, the existing SSL certificate can be used to protect forum data. (Under the previous setup, we would need to purchase a second certificate - or a more expensive variant - to protect the extra subdomain.)

The long term goal then is to have SSL encryption enabled for the site by default, providing better overall security for account information, personal messages and all other content. I will be making changes incrementally, so it won't be immediate and (too) drastic, but will get us there in a reasonable timeframe.

Now those Navy, Air Force and Milnet folks will be asking "what about me?" The unfortunate answer is that while your URLs will also be changing (losing the forums. prefix) you won't be getting SSL in the immediate term. That would require the purchase of 3 more certificates each year, at about $100 a pop. So, I'm going to show my bias here and stick with securing only. For those who want to make use of the SSL connection, you'll have to do it on the green side of things, I'm afraid.

So, where are we now? The SSL certificate is installed and the forums. hosts collapsed, but SSL is not the default. It is ready to test, which you can do by simply changing HTTP to HTTPS in your URL. For example:


There are still some issues that will need to be resolved... some site content will try to load over http even when you requested https, and that will cause issues. I will pick away at these over time and when everything is "good" SSL will become the new default.

In the meantime, if anyone has issues, please let me know.


P.S. As a sidenote, for those following Heartbleed, we are patched and all key material has been regenerated from scratch.
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xx Does SQ count as DP1 MOD 1?

March 30, 2014, 17:42:26 by rfrjordan
I'm currently a reservist, and have been serving a MED-TECH. And currently I'm transferring trades to infantry and like the title says, my question is that if SQ, or now BMQ(L) counts as infantry DP1 mod1? its a rumor I heard but I'm not to sure it holds true.

Thank you for any help.
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xx COS Land Strat: New "Army Int Reg't", more simulators coming

March 12, 2014, 22:12:12 by
From the Army Info-machine - highlights mine
The strategy for the long-term security of the Canadian Army is centered on a “networked soldier” who is prepared to adapt to the complex and rapidly-changing security environment.

“We’re soldier-centric and we are focused on the soldier, the team, the system and the leadership,” explained the Chief of Staff Land Strategy (COS Land Strat) Brigadier-General Christopher Thurrott, the chief architect responsible for developing a long-term Army strategy.

“My job is to manage, to conceive, to build aspects or processes of the future Army.”

COS Land Strat’s planning requires that systems be in place to enable networked soldiers to strike decisively at the right time and place with precision.

“Soldiers are part of a team and a skilled force on the ground that is completely networked: using satellites, linking visual cues on the battlefield itself while being able to synthesize intelligence collected at various levels.”

Intelligence Modernization

“I think that it is reasonable to say that the next steps in the force development of our intelligence capability will significantly, maybe even radically, alter the intelligence construct inside the Canadian Armed Forces.”   

COS Land Strat is working closely with the Commander of the Intelligence Group, Major-General Christian Rousseau, in putting together a construct for intelligence that merges all of the capabilities of the Army with the other services.

“We have created All Source Intelligence Centres designed on our experience in Afghanistan.  The nature of operations there very much challenged our intelligence community in how they collected information, how they synthesized it, analyzed it and how they communicated it,” explained BGen Thurrott.

The Army is also at work creating an Army Intelligence Regiment: “a brilliant blend of Reserve and Regular Force into a construct that goes across all the divisions.”


COS Land Strat is planning to shift towards training more in simulated environments, which provides opportunities for diverse forms of skill-building.

“We are offering a greater opportunity for soldiers to be in a simulated environment to enhance their skills - to expose them to new pieces of equipment coming in and to reduce the requirement to travel to training venues. It gives them greater accessibility right in their home garrisons,” said BGen Thurrott.

“We have scenarios that play out as operations - whether they are direct force-on-force combat, tank-on-tank or soldier-on-soldier. The ability to refine their tactical and leadership skills is greatly enhanced by the synthetic environment.”   

BGen Thurrott is confident that simulation helps increase the Army’s overall capabilities

“The modern Canadian soldier, with the networked systems we’ve provided him [or her], and the access and links to other systems that are not necessarily on the ground yet will make a soldier much more combat effective than at any time in the past.”

Equipment and infrastructure for the future

Upgrading and modernizing equipment are also key to increasing the Army’s readiness for future operations.

“In Afghanistan we had a critical need for emerging capabilities to meet a surprising challenge from belligerents of unknown capabilities. Now we need to institutionalize those capabilities within the Army now that we’re home,” explained BGen Thurrott.

He pointed to the Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) III upgrade as a remarkably successful project that will benefit the Army for years to come.

On the infrastructure side, the Canadian Army’s projects are intended to meet key objectives including fostering emerging capabilities through simulation training centres, ensuring force generation support to deployable units, and sustaining Army personnel through upgrading existing base facilities.

“As infrastructure ages it needs to be rejuvenated, demolished or divested. We have to work collectively to ensure new facilities are correctly located and that they can accommodate future requirements”.

In order to foster the mastery of emerging capabilities by individuals and teams the Army plans to develop and build a new training facilities in Gagetown, New Brunswick in order to maintain critical capabilities in Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Expeditionary Route Opening Capability. The facility will house critical equipment and provide realistic training venues.

A sustainable Army

As with all current strategic planning in Army, there is a mindfulness of sustainability.

“It is a matter of continuing to develop a viable and sustainable Army. Viability in this sense is meant to convey the idea of a competent, combat-able force which will meet both our domestic needs as well as potential expeditionary operations of the future security environment,” said BGen Thurrott.

“The overall goal is a networked, modern soldier who is well-led, well-trained and well-equipped.”
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xx Pmq on restricted posting?

February 20, 2014, 23:15:45 by onourwayhome
Looking for experience on getting a restricted posting lifted while awaiting course. Sitting on PAT for 3 months before starting a 17 week course and just trying to figure out how reasonable it would be to get pmq (wife and child) ? Anyone have any experience or first-hand knowledge of this situation? Also how long it could take to work up the CoC to even get to the application process? Thanks?
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xx "Commander discusses the future of the Canadian Army"

February 15, 2014, 08:08:49 by
A few tea leaves to read via the Army Info-machine:
After six months as Canadian Army Commander, and having recently toured all of the Army divisions, including the deployment in the Philippines and new Army capabilities, Lieutenant-General Marquis Hainse talks about the future of the Canadian Army.

You recently toured all the Army Divisions across Canada. What are your impressions from your visits?

Very positive impressions. I saw good morale and it also allowed me to see some realities from division to division that varies either from a recruitment or from a resource point of view. It’s a great opportunity to connect with what is happening on the ground.

What impact did the interactions with troops have on you?

When I get up in the morning, I am still very happy to put on my combat boots. Every time I go and visit the troops I get re-energized. It’s a good reminder of what we are all about - the soldiers that will deliver effects either in Canada or abroad. We should never lose sight of this.

What were the key messages for the troops?

We need to make sure that in a post-Afghanistan era, we know what the Army is all about. The Army needs to set itself to be able to continue contributing to internal security and obviously domestic challenges when need be. It’s not  “"business as usual"”  but it’s still very important that we carry on. We need to learn a lot from our era in Afghanistan, we need to introduce what we have learned in practice and bring it back to our reality.

The CAF is getting a lot of positive attention for its humanitarian work in the Philippines. How is it shaping perceptions?

We have a great circumstance right now of being very popular. I think operations such as Operation RENAISSANCE in the Philippines, helps keep our popularity at a good level. This contribution is also a testimony of our ability to deploy and to be versatile. Most importantly, it’s a testimony to the competence, the professionalism and the great commitment of our personnel. There is no greater ambassador on the international scene than our soldiers. I am very proud of each and every one of them for what they have done.

A number of large equipment projects are ongoing such as the upgraded LAV.  What do these new capabilities mean for the Army?

Those capabilities mean the Army will be set for the future. They will help guarantee that we will be able to conduct all tasks set by the Canada First Defence Strategy in the full spectrum of conflict.  I think from a soldier’s point of view it is all positive because they see that we are taking care of them.

What are your priorities for the Army for 2014?

The key priority is aligning the Army with what we are asked to do. Readiness is our bread and butter. Everything we do needs to have readiness behind the scenes.

In terms of sustaining the Army, we need to make sure that we assess our processes, to achieve efficiencies in terms of process and in terms of dollars.

 And finally – let’s engage with our colleagues, let’s engage with our superiors and our friends let’s tell them with a common voice what the Army is all about and where we are going.
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xx 1 RCR and CFB London Reunion.

January 22, 2014, 14:24:44 by X Royal
This summer (02 Aug) at the Victory Branch Legion in London there will be a reunion for those who served in London.
Here's a link to the facebook page:
or contact:
Clair Whyte, 769 Ross Ave., Sarnia, ON.  N7T 1K4  519-491-7031   Email:

Looking forward to seeing  many old friends and meeting some new ones.

Best Wishes: Rick
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