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Basic Editing Help

Generally, when editing:

[[articlehere]] links to an article on the wiki site
Example: [[The Combat Arms]] displays as The Combat Arms

[[articlehere|text]] will insert text that links to an article on the wiki site
Example: [[The Combat Arms|read more about Canada's combat arms]] displays as read more about Canada's combat arms

[[Category:category]] creates a link to a category of articles at the bottom of the page. Articles can be located in multiple categories. Adding a category page to a category creates a subcategory.
Example: [[Category: Infantry Regiments|Calgary Highlanders, The]]

[[:Category:categoryhere]] links to a category of articles on the wiki site (note the colon before the word "category"

[webaddresshere] links to a web address in form of a notation

[webaddresshere|text] will insert text that links to the indicated web address

[[Image:imagename.jpg]] will put an image into the article if you've uploaded it using the upload feature in the wiki

* produces a bullet

  • This is an example.

** additional asterisks produce indented bullets

  • This is an example.
    • And an example of two asterisks being used to indent.

:text - a colon at the start of a line indents the text

This is an example. Multiple colons increases the indent and creates an automatic line break
Like this.

''text'' - the use of doubled apostrope marks create italicized text like this

'''text''' - the use of tripled apostrope marks create bold text like this

'''''text''''' - the use of five apostrope marks create italicized bold text like this

== headlinehere == makes a headline for categories, use more = signs to denote "lower level" headings

More extensive editing help can be found on the official Mediawiki editing help page.

Logging In

  • In order to edit/contribute, users must log in using their forum username/password.
  • Users must have 10 posts and 3 hours online in order to contribute to the wiki. If you do not meet these criteria, you will get an "invalid password" message. These requirements are subject to change, based on how well or poorly the trial works out. Anyone who pads their post count to gain access will have their posts deleted and may be banned, as with the chat room.
  • The Conduct Guidelines apply in full effect to the wiki. All edits are logged, along with your username.


To see different ways of using Wiki code, check out some pages at or on this wiki - you don't need to make any changes, just open up any page with the Edit tab at the top of the screen and you can examine the code. They also have a "Sandbox" at wikipedia where you can try out code just to see how stuff works.

Bear in mind that other wiki sites may use "scripts" - generally identified by the {{}} brackets - that may or may not work on the wiki.

Simple questions on wiki formatting may be directed to User talk:Bobbitt and other volunteers as they become available. To leave a question, just click the "+" symbol to the right of the edit tab to start a new section on the talk page, type your question, then hit SAVE PAGE. To continue discussion of an older question, click [edit] at the top of the section, type your question, then click the SAVE PAGE button below the edit window.


Some tips on etiquette for editing the wiki:

  • The wiki is a community project; when editing, be bold! All articles are free for editing by anyone, though some pages may be protected at the option of the wiki owner.
  • When editing, always ensure information is accurate, relevant, and of an acceptable standard to the community - see the posting guidelines for the forum.
  • Always keep Operational Security (OPSEC) concerns and Personal Security (PERSEC - identity and personal information issues) in mind when editing.
  • Remember that images on the internet are often protected by copyright; please ensure all images uploaded to are available for free use or fair use.
  • Remember to properly cite any quoted material so that the rightful author receives their due.
  • Always assume good faith; if someone edits one of your contributions, assume it is to improve the wiki. Individual articles belong to no one. If there is a disagreement on the best way to express an idea, use the Talk page associated with that article. Be specific in any criticisms or suggestions. Talk pages can also be used for positive comments and thanks!