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The Materiel Group is the single, central service provider and program authority for materiel for the Canadian Forces (CF) and the Department. ADM(Materiel) is accountable to the Deputy Minister (DM) for materiel's full life cycle – from acquisition, through maintenance and support, to disposal.

CF Materiel Group

The Materiel Group serves the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Forces (CF) as a central service provider and authority for all defence materiel and equipment programs. The Group manages equipment through its entire life cycle, beginning with initial concept, moving through procurement, maintenance and support and ending with disposal.

The Group is the country’s largest materiel manager and ranks as one of the largest business entities in the Canadian government. The success of the Canadian Forces is thus intimately linked to the success of the Group. Products of defence procurement - materiel like ships, aircraft, trucks, ammunition, food, clothing, and supplies - put military resolve into action!

The Materiel Group is composed of the following 8 divisions:

  • COS ADM(Mat)
  • Land Equipment Program Management
  • Aerospace Equipment Program Management
  • Maritime Equipment Program Management
  • Materiel Systems and Supply Chain
  • Procurement Services
  • International and Industry Programs
  • Major Projects Division

The Chief Of Staff Organization - COS ADM(Mat)

The COS organization performs traditional corporate business functions for the Materiel Group, guides sustainable development, selects safety programs across the Group, and provides access to material technology and operational research capabilities.

COS ADM(Mat) is a regular conduit of information, advice and guidance to ADM(Mat) as well as other Group Principals/Commanders and ultimately the Deputy Minister (DM) and Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) concerning the effective and efficient delivery of all materiel acquisition and support services.

The position of COS ADM(Mat) is the designated alternate for the ADM(Mat) in his or her absence.

COS ADM(Mat) organizations

  • Materiel Group Human Resources (DMGHR)
  • Materiel Group Comptrollership (DMG Compt)
  • Materiel Group Management Coordination (DMGMC)
  • Materiel Group Operational Research (DMGOR)
  • Materiel Group Strategic Plans (DMGSP)
  • Materiel Group Program Integrity (DMGPI)
  • Sustainable Development, Aboriginal Affairs, Health, Safety and Radiation Secretariat (SD/AA/HS&R Sec)
  • Quality Engineering Test Establishment

DG Land Equipment Program Management – DGLEPM

DGLEPM is the design, maintenance and acquisition authority for land equipment. Eight directorates and a field unit report to DGLEPM.

DGLEPM organizations:

  • Land Equipment Program Staff (DLEPS)
  • Armoured Vehicle Project Management (DAVPM)
  • Omnibus Mounted Soldier Survivability Project (DOMSSP)
  • Armament Sustainment Program Management (DASPM)
  • Soldier Systems Program Management (DSSPM)
  • Support Vehicles Program Management (DSVPM)
  • Land Command Systems Program Management (DLCSPM)
  • Combat Equipment Support Management (DCESM)
  • 202 Workshop Depot

DG Aerospace Equipment Program Management - DGAEPM

DGAEPM provides procurement, logistics and engineering support and technical airworthiness oversight for Air Force equipment and weapons systems. Seven directorates and one field unit report to the division.

DGAEPM organizations:

  • Aerospace Equipment Business Management (DAEBM)
  • Aerospace Equipment Program Management (Fighters and Trainers) (DAEPM(F&T))
  • Aerospace Equipment Program Management (Transport and Helicopters) (DAEPM(TH )
  • Aerospace Equipment Program Management (Maritime) (DAEPM(M))
  • Technical Airworthiness and Aerospace Engineering Support (DTA)
  • Aerospace Equipment Program Management (Radar and Communication Systems) (DAEPM(RC)
  • Aerospace Procurement
  • Aerospace Engineering and Test Establishment (AETE)

DG Maritime Equipment Program Management - DGMEPM

DGMEPM oversees naval force acquisition and material support. Seven directorates and two field units report to DGMEPM.

DGMEPM organizations:

  • Maritime Ship Support (DMSS)
  • Maritime Management Support (MMS)
  • Maritime Fleet Management (DMFM)
  • Director Maritime Equipment Program Management (Submarines) DMEPM(SM)
  • Maritime Materiel Operational Support (DMMOS)
  • Project Management Office, Frigate Equipment Life Extension (PMO FELEX)
  • Project Management Office, Single Class Surface Combatant (SCSC)
  • CF Maritime Experimental and Test Ranges (CFMETR)
  • Naval Engineering Test Establishment (NETE)

DG Materiel Systems and Supply Chain - DGMSSC

DGMSSC provides and manages both the Materiel Acquisition and Support (MA&S) framework and the Supply Chain to deliver optimized materiel support to CF operations and departmental activities.

As leaders in innovation and execution, the DGMSSC team focus is on the customers, timely results, and responsible resource stewardship.

DG Procurement Services - DG Proc Svcs

Proc Svcs is responsible for managing major service delivery initiatives as well as providing procurement services for information technology, communications and electronic equipment, and command and control systems.

DG International and Industry Programs - DGIIP

The DGIIP mission is to develop, promote and execute international and industrial materiel programs and activities in support of CF transformation, the defence capabilities program and related materiel acquisition and support objectives as enunciated by ADM(Mat).

DG Major Projects Division - DGMPD

DGMPD is responsible for the acquisition of major new equipment linked to the CF transformation. The division consolidates the management of several complex major capital acquisition projects under one organization, leveraging critical existing expertise within the Group under a Director General.

The traditional structure of major projects will be altered to consolidate common services such as project management, procurement, financial, administrative, and human resource management under a central directorate. This directorate will also be mandated to develop project management qualification standards, build upon best practices, enhance project management training and formalize a certification program for project management professionals.