Regular Officer Training Program

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ROTP is a subsidized education program whereby an Officer Cadet is enrolled and fulfills academic requirements leading to an initial baccalaureat degree during the academic year and pursues military occupation training during all other available periods.

There are two academic paths possible under ROTP:

ROTP at RMC (The Royal Military College of Canada)


Civilian University ("Civvy U")

You may enroll into ROTP in any of the First three years of your degree. If you are straight out of high school, as of 2011, your first summer before your First Academic year will be at CFLRS on a course called INDOC, a 2 week introduction to The CF. Phase 1 training (BMOQ, SLT) will occupy your second summer prior to your second year of academic studies and for some trades likely your third summer period as well.

Once finished your degree, have passed CF EXPRES test and completed Basic Officer Training (BMOQ) you will be commissioned as an officer, as a 2nd Lt for most trades.