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The Recruiting Process / Reapplying
« Last post by 44nic4444 on Today at 03:20:32 »
I am applying to the forces and my application is taking a long time so consequently I am deciding whether or not to go to school in the mean time. Since i know that when you get the job offer you have 10 days to decide whether or not to accept. So I was wondering if 1: Can you delay your entry for a set period of time?
2: If you decline, reapply to the same trait will be quicker application time then the first time?
The Canadian Military / Re: Mixed Formal Dinner protocol?
« Last post by ModlrMike on Today at 02:29:48 »
Thanks Modlrmike! That was very helpful!

No problem. Just to be clear, we're talking about a dinner that involves mess members and their partners, yes?

That I did not know (toasting with water). Thanks ModlrMike.

We sailors are a superstitious bunch.  ;D
The Canadian Military / Re: "Unionizing" the CF (merged)
« Last post by Brasidas on Today at 02:19:38 »
So after 43 (?) years of service and those unproductive years prior to joining, you expect to live well past 118 years of age.  I've accepted that I'm a middle aged guy, however, I did get a little pissed several years ago when I saw a sign in a Sears store that indicated age 55 for the senior citizens discount.

Many years ago, I made some idle observations and mentioned to my wife that I felt old. Seeking to reassure me as I approached my 30th birthday, she said that I wasn't old but rather that I was "just middle-aged".
The Canadian Military / Re: Mixed Formal Dinner protocol?
« Last post by aviatrixx on Today at 01:28:19 »
Thanks Modlrmike! That was very helpful!
Rotorheads / Re: Now We Don't Need Pilots
« Last post by Loachman on Today at 01:25:27 »
Maybe there's a new line for Uber.
Basic Training / Re: First Parade Night BMQ/No Uniform
« Last post by PPCLI Guy on Today at 00:44:14 »
The point isn't a personal one.  I'm not the only one who notices the constant irrelevant posts about EMS, Toronto EMS.  This is really simple...just stop comparing non-related discussions to Toronto EMS.  And posting about Toronto EMS in...every thread that has nothing to do with Toronto EMS.

Seems pretty simple.  I and others shouldn't have to ignore you, you should just be mature enough to stop spamming the military threads with non-military stuff.  Brihard might have made a post and then said sorry, but the point still was made, and it has been recently by several other people in other threads.

End of discussion for me, the point is clear and simple and has been made by atleast 4 different people now in less than a week.   :dunno:

Way off base Dude.  There was no cause to call out another member.

We read all of your "no one respects MPA" and ""flying is hazardous" posts..... 

Like the man said, use the ignore button.....and not the ignorant button
The Canadian Military / Re: The Defence Budget
« Last post by YZT580 on Today at 00:24:23 »
E.R. you said it.  The trouble is that at best the government is only providing half of your list.  The services are probably adequately paid but training is continuously postponed and adequate equipment provision is a joke. Even when they do supply equipment the primary objective isn't to supply but to provide some auxiliary benefits.  Witness our latest purchase of short range turbo-prop twins that are guaranteed to cause back problems to every SAR tech over 5' 10.   At the moment they are providing missions that seem to make sense but I will reserve the right to change even that statement if they aren't very careful with regards the UN. So the government is not coming close to living up to their end of the contract.  We have indeed entered another 4 years of darkness.     
From DAOD 2017-1

Duties on Receipt of a Grievance

6.2 Upon receipt of a grievance, and in accordance with QR&O article 7.09, Commanding Officer’s Duties on Receipt of Grievance, the CO must:

ensure the grievance complies with the conditions set out in QR&O article 7.08;
register it in the NGR;
acknowledge its receipt in writing to the grievor and provide the grievor with the NGR number; and
assign an assisting member in accordance with QR&O article 7.07, Duty to Assign Officer or Non-Commissioned Member to Assist.
Examination of a Grievance to Identify the Appropriate IA

6.3 In accordance with QR&O subparagraph 7.14(1)(a), Officers Who May Act as Initial Authority in Respect of Grievance, a CO may act as the IA if the CO can grant the redress sought by the grievor. However, if the grievance relates to the decision, act or omission of the CO or if the CO cannot grant the redress sought by the grievor, the CO cannot act as the IA. In these circumstances, the CO must ensure that the grievance is referred to the next superior officer who is responsible for dealing with the matter that is the subject of the grievance (see section 8 of this DAOD).

6.4 If a CO has received a grievance and cannot act as the IA, the CO must either:

consult with the CFGA to identify the appropriate IA and then forward the grievance file to that IA; or
forward the grievance file to the CFGA for review by the CFGA of the content of the grievance in any case in which the identification of the appropriate IA is problematic.
6.5 In either case under paragraph 6.4 of this DAOD, the CO must:
forward the grievance file within 10 days of receipt of the grievance;
include with the grievance file a cover letter setting out:
their comments concerning the merits of the grievance;
an explanation of any delay in forwarding the grievance; and
any additional relevant information; and
provide the grievor with a copy of that letter and any additional information forwarded with the grievance file.

While it doesn't explicitly say "the CO must acknowledge receipt of the grievance from the member within 10 days" it essentially gives him 10 days from the time of receipt to do the first step which includes providing the grievor with a copy.
The Canadian Military / Re: The Defence Budget
« Last post by E.R. Campbell on Today at 00:05:01 »
To be fair, it's more of a continuation of direction started under Mr. T Sr., and improved upon or played with by subsequent administrations.  All, gleefully kicked us in the chops and nads as seen fit.  Some,  Chretien for instance , with greater abandon than others, Harper, but all treated us as a tool and led us down various paths with sweet nothings or frig you's whispered in our ears.  I personally don't know which knife in the guts hurts more, the ones held by the hand you knew wasn't your friend, Uncle Jean, or the one by he who promised he was a friend, Uncle Steven, and in reality, was all talk.

But that is exactly what we you are: a tool in a legitimate government's toolbox. A good, effective military is an expensive and finely crafted tool, but that's just what it is ... and tools are made to be used.

The people don't "owe" us you anything beyond a decent salary, adequate training and equipment and lawful missions. They, the people and the governments they elect, should, but often don't, give you some respect ... you deserve it, but it is a bonus.
Does anyone know the time frame a CO has to acknowledge receipt of a grievance/notice of intent? I can't find anything but a statement that the CO is supposed to assign ab assisting member "without delay".

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