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Military Administration / Re: Substantive Rank
« Last post by Lumber on Today at 23:14:51 »
Fly poop out of pepper point, but the appointment of MCpl is still treated like a promotion, much the same as a Avr/Pte/AB getting their first "hook".  I am trying to remember where I read it, I believe its in a CFAO.

Go home EITS, you're drunk!  ;D
Personal Stories / Re: Starting over
« Last post by deskjockey43 on Today at 23:09:34 »
It is within the realm of possibility, however, you are in as an officer and I am going in as ncm. I don't think there is much mixing of the two groups if any, but we may run into each other in the pit, at the North doors or maybe at the Mega Mess once I am off indoc. The question is, how will we know that we have crossed paths?

Currently, I am working on my fitness and wondering how to keep myself motivated for the next three months. Much easier as a group in basic, I think. You are all doing it at the same time and for the same reasons. At home, it's just me and sometimes my other half to give me a nudge, but I really hate running. I want this though, so I have to find a way to get my butt out the door and running in the mornings.
Military Administration / Re: Substantive Rank
« Last post by Eye In The Sky on Today at 23:04:04 »
Wait, hold on. Is the requirement for promotion appointment to MCpl PLQ, or PLQ + PLQ Army portion?

Fly poop out of pepper point, but the appointment of MCpl is still treated like a promotion, much the same as a Avr/Pte/AB getting their first "hook".  I am trying to remember where I read it, I believe its in a CFAO.
I hope that they are found safe and sound.  :cdn:
Anyone hear if the delivery schedule is on track for the MSVS SMP? first deliveries should be this summer.

First delivery will be December this year. There are challenges with transplanting the Renault production line and supply chain into Canada (Quebec and Saskatchewan), as one might expect. Much of that was based on problems with the numerous sub-contractors that feed said production line and supply chain. It seems its not easy to transplant an operation to the other side of the ocean. The armour and trailers will start trickling in through the fall, but delivery of the trucks themselves won't kick into high gear until 2018. In the meantime, it's AHSVS for the missions, and more of the same for Canada.
The Canadian Military / Re: The Defence Budget
« Last post by YZT580 on Today at 22:44:12 »
It doesn't take much to add up to a whole lot of hurt financially for Canada, far more than 2% since much of that can be written off under other headings such as regional development, arctic development, coast guard, etc. 
Radio Chatter / Re: So I saw this meme and.......
« Last post by the 48th regulator on Today at 22:17:09 »


Three of the four hunters who went missing in the northern Alberta wilderness last weekend were members of the Fort Chipewyan Canadian Ranger Patrol.

The Canadian Rangers have been identified as Walter Ladouceur, Andrew Ladouceur and Keith Marten, according to a statement from the Department of National Defence. The fourth hunter has been identified as Keanan Cardinal.

The group left Fort Chipewyan, Alta. – about 200 kilometres north of Fort McMurray – on the evening of April 23 in a boat, which was later found in a river that flows through Wood Buffalo National Park.

On Wednesday, RCMP and Parks Canada shifted their efforts to a recovery operation after failing to find the men in the rugged bush.

Keith Marten and Andrew Ladouceur were 15-year members of the Canadian Ranger Patrol. Walter Ladouceur joined in 2016. All three are said to be “highly experienced outdoorsmen.” The defence department notes they were on their own time when they began the hunting trip.
Murray Remus died April 29, 2017
Long time member of the Regiment.
No funeral arrangements published yet.
Recruiting / Re: Selection Dates
« Last post by wnhan on Today at 21:03:25 »

I have completed my CFAT, my medical, my interview, and the security check. I was informed that I was going to be put onto the competition/merit list as of last week. I have a few questions as follows:

1) Would anyone know when the selection date(s) for Construction Engineering Officer under the DEO entry plan would occur?
2) How many positions are open for this trade for this fiscal year under the DEO entry plan?

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