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[1] Wearing an Ancestor's Medals Mega-thread

[2] Looking for.... - Peronnel Locator

[3] Military Urban Myths and Recurring Subjects FAQ

[4] Live Cannonball from the Plains of Abraham found in Quebec City

[5] Ammunition bunkers at Churchill?

[6] Slow Erosion of Military History

[7] Lt.-Col. W.D. Otter, CO, 2nd SS Bn. RCRI Second Anglo-Boer War, Official Reports

[8] Chaplain Peter Michael O’Leary 2nd SS Bn RCRI Second Anglo-Boer War Heroic Deeds

[9] Capt. Fraser E Coy 2 Bn RCRI Anecdote On Capt Arnold's Death At Paardeberg, 1900


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