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Good day everyone, I have just completed my application and submitted it to the online recruitment center. Although I still have a variety of questions that I hope can be answered by current service men/women.

1- How long does it usually take, on average, for the CAF to process an application?
2- How long does it usually take, on average, for the CAF to accept or decline an application?
3- What are the odds of the application being accepted or denied, and what are the main sticking points for why your application may be accepted or reject?
4- If accepted, how extensive is the medical exam? Does it cover both physical and mental health? is there a 50/50 focus on physical and mental health or does one usually take precedent?
5- How is the aptitude test? what does it test you for? How would you describe the difficulty of it? How long does it usually take?
6- How does the paid education work? From what I understand you are accepted, given basic training and then you go to school for your desired career and then are surged into the career choice within the Armed Forces with a required 2 months service for every month of education paid for
7- After training in Quebec, are you sent back home (in my case in Aurora) and then visit a base nearby when required or do you have to live on a base? Will the CAF require relocation after basic training in Quebec to somewhere you never imagined? Example, NWT: I ask because I have a wife and child and we cannot relocate further than 50km from our current location for a few years
8- What are the odds of being deployed? I would hope the odds are high, because I want to get out into the world and actually help people on the ground, not just pontificate about it in a Military base.
9- If one wanted to transfer from their selected military career / position into one such as Military Intelligence, how would you go about that?
10- If one wanted to consider a SOF role in the future, how would you pursue that if you have had education paid for and are brought into CAF as a professional as a result of that education? Basically asking, if your education for med school is paid for, does the army require you to strictly adhere to that role in the CAF, or would they be happy to allow you to pursue a SOF path if you change your mind about being a doctor or whatever the case may be, until you re-enter civilian life?
11- Is there any other information, hints, tips, guidance you could provide to someone who has just submitted an application to join the CAF? This may include advice about the aptitude testing preparation, physical fitness preparation, what to do if your application is reject but still greatly desire military service, whether in Canada or abroad, and anything else you may think of.

Thank you very much for you time ladies and gentlemen,
-Michael Veloso

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Re: Sent Application, looking for more info from current CAF members
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2017, 15:41:09 »
What trades did you apply for?

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Re: Sent Application, looking for more info from current CAF members
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Welcome to

If you peruse the Recruiting Forums, you will find the answers to ALL of your questions.

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