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    Reserve Training

    To be honest, its sounds like a lot of huff and puff to make sure IBTS is done. I also listened to the "big changes" our army commander said were coming. Basically we will make the troops behave and stop talking trash. F#*$% me, I can't take the army I served for so long very seriously...
  2. ArmyRick

    British Military Current Events

    Don't forget Canadian army priorities...Its easier to do drill for parades with a C7A1/A2 rifle than a C8
  3. ArmyRick

    Mexico to end Oil Exports from 2023

    Lots of potential in this country but Canadians don't see opportunities anywhere and for the most part would rather "feel good"
  4. ArmyRick

    Reserve Training

    Keep us in the loop. Very interested in what they plan to do.
  5. ArmyRick

    How to absorb the USMC into the Army and USN

    To the uninformed, serious amphibious ops is not something Canada really does IMO. Hopping onto some assault boats with outboard engines is great for sneaking in pathfinders, snipers, CANSOFCOM, etc. But not ideal for getting an entire infantry company or battle group ashore quickly and...
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    How to absorb the USMC into the Army and USN

    Don't see this happening. And it shouldn't. The author seems too theory based and not looking at reality "X" factors You incorporate the USMC into the Army, next round of severe budget crunches and guess who the old boys will go after? They would toss the new army "Amphibious" units to the...
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    Whats your Reserve Force 2027?

    Whats your Reserve Force 2027?
  8. ArmyRick

    Armyrick's Land Healing Farm...

    first turn deserts into grasslands, than add forest where appropriate. Use herding ruminants as your primary tool
  9. ArmyRick

    Fake mosque on Canadian Forces base in Alberta raises concerns for Muslim community

    Ohhhh good grief. However, take down the cresent maybe?
  10. ArmyRick

    Jussie Smollett

    Jussie Smollet has committed a hate crime as far as I am concerned
  11. ArmyRick

    British Military Current Events

    Light Recce Strike Infantry? Is what now?
  12. ArmyRick

    U.S.: Helloooooo Cdn Peacekeeping Force? Where Are You?

    Point well made! Trudeau is a lot of talk and not much action
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    British Military Current Events

    So these new British rangers will perform a role similar to US SF ODAs? Will they also be in like 12 man teams? Trained to do all the goochy stuff? Or more like an infantry battalion reduced?
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    Canadian soldier charged with feeding cannabis cupcakes to artillery unit during live-fire exercise

    Jim, we used to see you as the instructor with pearls of wisdom for us greenhorns in battleschool. Good insights.
  15. ArmyRick

    Rick's Napkin Forces Challenge

    XM1299 is a discontinued project, no? FCS manned ground systems?