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    What happens if I get diagnosed for ADHD?

    Hello, nothing happens. They will give you n Rx depending on severity and symptoms and thats about it. If its a common stimulant then you cant deploy to Middle East cuz its prohibited there, oh n sure AF ya cant dive… As far as Canada F is concerned no biggy, Rx n there you go..
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    How many have chosen the new PFL over a lump sum payment

    PSC is tax free with inflation adjusted premiums. Investment of lump sum becomes taxable income. if award is significant (50%+) and Unless i have a principle protected investment at 6% annual, i would keep the PSC.. if the award is 30% or less or if there is a significant debt at a high...
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    Component Transfer with time out but no credit for previous rank pay scale

    You may be in favourable position without the official release. I was at 39 CBG in Vancouver shortly, and a fellow was “released” in 2009 or so, but paperwork was never submitted/finalized. They were going to charge him im 2013 for unreturned kit, which still was in the locker :):): He came...