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    Pension Act vs NVA Lifetime Comparison

    Yes, $30 billion in debt times 4 years, $120Billion, min...great job...(sarcasm off)
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    SISIP LTD 2002 - 2018

    You're correct, I just used "claw-back" for simplicity Thanks
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    SISIP LTD 2002 - 2018

    Can someone tell me why SISIP LTD is terminated at age 65 ??  Is that just an arbitrary age or based on the 1960's "old age" ?? With most people living well beyond 65, this creates a genuine hardship for those disabled when they need it most...(considering most vets also get their claw-back at...
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    SISIP LTD 2002 - 2018

    To be honest, I'd rather pull my teeth out than talk to them....hence I'm here
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    SISIP LTD 2002 - 2018

    Apparently with 182 reads, no one has the answer to this relative simple question?? 
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    SISIP LTD 2002 - 2018

    Can someone tell me if SISIP LTD is indexed?  Or do they actually claw back an amount based on our CFSA indexing increase, based on the 75% principle ?? Thanks
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    2016 Indexing ??

    Does anyone have any info on the indexing percentage for jan 1, 2016 ?? Thanks
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    Marriage Breakdown - pension split

    When I first posted this inquiry, I had googled some case law and found that VAC pensions/awards ARE "shareable", even tho they are for personal disability.  Speaking to my own lawyer a few years ago after a car accident, he told me that any money received due to the accident for injuries was...
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    Thanks Teager...but I seem to recall some document stating that you could show the service provider your VIP auth and a CRA decision that allows non-payment of GST/HST...My quest continues.
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    A while back I read something, either on here (search was not found) or somewhere else, on the VIP, whereas it was determined by CRA that VIP payments for grass/snow/house-keeping etc are not GST/HST applicable.  Does anyone have a ref on this ?? Thanks
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    I'm a "hybrid" vet client, pension act and NVC.  I receive a small Exceptional Incapacity Allowance from them.  Is there a bar from me also getting a PIA ??? Thanks
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    Decision Letter

    I really hate to be the one, BUT with VAC you'd better have patience, lots of it.  The system is designed to say "no" on first app.  Unfortunately, that's just the way it is.  Be ready with an appeal too.
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    VAC - Attendance Allowance

    Just a quick inquiry:  has anyone with PTSD/OSI been granted Attendance Allowance ??  Thanks