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    Mandarin's growing importance

    Having some functional knowledge of the local language in always useful, even if you never have a conversation with the locals. I don't think there is anything wrong with learning in Taiwan, not at the beginner level. Writing in the simplified script is certainly faster, but again, at the...
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    Leopard 2 tank sounds

    Funny you should ask here, seeing as how the Canadian army has never had Leo 2s.  :)
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    Exploding myths about the US military

    Sorry I'm late to the party, the computer ate my post when I tried to put it up. Recruiting goals are not a meaningful measure of anything, despite it being thrown around all the time. Recruitment goals for the various services are not static, they are revised throughout the year in response...
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    Another report of WMDs found in Iraq

    Bush doesn't care, he's had his run and will be gone in 2 years. The American Chicken Hawks and Car Magnet patriots won't be able to stomach the casualties and the ugly, dirty war that the "reality based comunity" has warned about since the beginning. The cowardly US public opinion will press...
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    Another report of WMDs found in Iraq

    I would. Amazingly enough in the last 15 years no Canadian or American has been killed by Iraqi WMDs. I'd say my chances are pretty good, as long as I don't go to Iraq. :) I'm pretty sure he means useless as in "not a very useful weapon against the US".
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    New Combat shirts?????????????

    Because combat shirts are neither neccesary nor designed for sitting around in a office. That's why they're called COMBAT shirts. If a soldier has kit in his pocket that he cannot get at in the middle of a battle because his pockets are under his armour, he might DIE. What exactly are your "HQ...
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    The Death Benefit For Single Members Merged Thread

    We're off on a bit of a tangent here, but there are very, very few estates that would derive any benefit from WL, UL, or Seg funds. the insurance industry offers them and markets them heavily because of their high profit margins, and more money for them means less money for your family. Unless...
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    The Death Benefit For Single Members Merged Thread

    Who on earth would buy such a policy? Life insurance isn't a positive return investment, unless you actually expect to die very soon and haven't told anyone. The point isn't for your family to reap a windfall in the event of your death (don't really want to give them any ideas, now, do we), it's...
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    An updated FN (photos]

    :crybaby: I'll just march myself to the duty office now, happy?  :-[
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    The Death Benefit For Single Members Merged Thread

    Okay, From here E-9 with 24 years service makes 5097.80 base, which today is 5 687.23235 CAD. CWO 2 base pay according to DND is 6517 CAD. Looks fairly close to me, taking into acount benefits and such. I may be mistaken but isn't the US GI Bill a bit more generous than what we have?
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    An updated FN (photos]

    IIRC, Israeli(I think these are made in Belgium?) and British.
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    The Death Benefit For Single Members Merged Thread

    Well, civvy life insurance wouldn't really help in this case, with the War and Terrorism clause and all that. I think that having SISIP raise their limit a little, to say maybe 600k, might be helpful for those with the need, but I think the adverse selection problem might be a little too much...
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    The Death Benefit For Single Members Merged Thread

    Yes, and what you've just described is called insurance. You CAN put a price on anyone's life, that's what insurance companies do. It's not very nice but someone has to do it. $400,000 at 8% is $40,740/year for 20 years. More than enough to keep a family from falling into poverty. Lots of...
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    MGS/MMEV dead yet?

    The new Leo 2 PSO was unveiled at Eurosatatory this week. PSO stands for Peace Support Operations. I think the name will go over very well with our Canadian sensitivities(it's for supporting peace! no one could be against that! hide the flechette rounds in the back of the rack), and the...