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    What book are you reading now?

    David Goggins: Cant Hurt Me
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    BMQ / BMOQ - Medical, Dental, Mental health questions [Merged]

    I leave for BMQ Jan 12 and was wondering if i should get a flu shot before going considering the amount of people living in one building.
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    BMQ 2019 - Regular Force

    There is a face book group up for January 14, 2018 BMQ "Canadian Forces Recruits Starting BMQ on January 14th, 2019"
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    BMQ 2019 - Regular Force

    I am going to BMQ on Jan 12 for 10 weeks and i was wondering what has been removed from BMQ. I tried looking for other threads and could not find any.
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    BMOQ 2018 - Regular Force

    i hope i dont get selected for that intake as my birthday is on the 26th
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    Marine Technician ( MARTECH )

    I am currently a 4th year steel fabricator applying for martech i failed to pass my inter-provincial exam to receive my red seal does anyone know if this will affect my application. i also have lots of experience in welding and as a millwright.