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    Op Vector/Laser

    Does anyone think troops on Class C contracts will be deploying in support of Op Laser / Vector besides CRPG in northern communities & the IRU from Shilo.
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    Hearing Aids

    Thanks so much, good to hear.
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    Hearing Aids

    Did my part I medical last week, think the medic checked member requires further assessment on the hearing test. To be honest, I find I don't have any hearing issues, any thoughts, advice or recommendations?
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    MSVS - SMP - Mack Truck 2021 Courses

    Anyone know of any upcoming MSVS SMP Mack courses within 3 Div?
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    The CFS Alert Merged Thread

    Can anyone provide an update on this?
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    Material Management Tech - Looking to deploy in 2021.

    Supply tech, sorry, still getting used to it as well.
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    Material Management Tech - Looking to deploy in 2021.

    Looking for recommendations, MMT looking to deploy in 2021, based in Manitoba as a reservist. What recommendations would troops have to get on a deployment, looking for operational experience, I've expressed my interest to our Ops Cell. Value troops opinions, advice & recoommendations, as I...
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    Military bases struggling with personnel shortages, internal review finds

    Would you say pre-deployment training is still 3 to 4 months at a base? I've heard stories of reservists heading to Edmonton & showing up, doing lots of PT & no real training values for weeks on end.
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    Op Laser 2.0

    Whats everyone's thoughts on troops & Op Laser for the second wave of the pandemic?