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    British Military Current Events

    Well done ma'm: RAF 'pauses job offers for white men' to meet 'impossible' diversity targets The alleged move has prompted the head of recruitment for the Royal Air Force (RAF) - herself a senior female officer - to resign in recent days in protest. The head of RAF recruitment has resigned...
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    CBC Interview with new RCAF Commander

    Yes, sadly, we know ;) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harjit_Sajjan
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    Current military traditions

    You might find this of interest... Top tip: don't try to ride the regimental mascot, especially after you've been heavily day drinking ;) https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/services/military-history/history-heritage/official-military-history-lineages/customs-traditions.html
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    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    Speaking of which... The Federal Government has ensured that it will always be served by - mainly - the 'Second Eleven' of the consulting industry, largely because of its Byzantine procurement processes. All other levels of government are more responsive, less bureaucratic, pay more, and...
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    Yes, of course ;)
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    Dude, you don't 'get' Paratroopers, do you ;)
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    A Deeply Fractured US

    Bizarre.... just bizarre.... as per SOP ;) 'They gave us Scotch Tape': Former White House archivist had to reassemble documents ripped up by Trump 'It became a challenge, like when you’re doing a puzzle' Solomon Lartey is a former White House staffer who was responsible for...
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    If I was Ukraine, I wouldn't plan on taking them all prisoner. Zero prisoners is a good number IMHO ;)
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    The Never-ending Roaming of Navy Accoutrements

    I always appreciated the natural fibres used in British Army uniforms. Like, you know, the leather and wool they used for these ;)
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    Freedom Convoy protests [Split from All things 2019-nCoV]

    Oh man, this is right on target... "Canada’s War Memorial is a reminder of selfless sacrifice, not a vaudeville stage for loud-mouthed ignoramuses"
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    C3 Howitzer Replacement

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    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    I like that a 'shithole little country' like Slovakia can produce something like this, but we can't . That, and it's so ugly it's cute ;)
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    Yes, too quiet ;)
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    FORCE 2025: Informing the Army’s future structure

    There, FTFY ;)