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    Uh oh.... Menzies Drill Hall down! The Armouries Drill Hall The last of several 19th century military buildings in this location, the Armouries Drill Hall building was designed by William Ridgway-Wilson and completed in 1894. It was built for the 5th British Columbia Regiment of the Garrison...
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    CANFORGEN 168/21- New 'Inclusion' and the performance appraisal process

    Meanwhile, we retired guys be like....
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    British Military Current Events

    Too 'Yank', old chap... Then again, that whole slippery slope began with the demise of the 'start line' and the 'appreciation' IMHO ;)
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    British Military Current Events

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    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    So, in summary, 'raincoats on raincoats off' then? ;)
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    British Military Current Events

    Of course... no idea who I was thinking of: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Carter_(British_Army_officer)
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    Nice sleuthing! I'm just on a 'baseline numbers' kick these days. I keep asking some clients difficult questions like, 'How many clients do you serve on a regular basis' or 'How many pieces of equipment do you have', and am greeted with awkward silences. You can't manage what you don't count...
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    Search for new CDS 2020

    Which calls for a meme:
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    CH-146 Griffon

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    Videos reveal moldy, disgusting Camp Lejeune barracks where Marines are forced to live

    Pffffttt.... That happened in our armoury right above the RQ stores, as well as over another less critically vital part of the defence infrastructure. It only took months and months to clean up...
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    Nice to know that a reliable inventory of our defence infrastructure/ assetts can be easily accessed online.... somewhere. :)
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    Helicopters start rescue efforts after landslide traps hundreds on B.C. highway

    It's a 'mega complex mega project': LNG, BC and Me: Five Surprising Things I’ve Learned over the Past Three Years https://www.cmc-canada.ca/blog/Our%20Blog/lng-bc-and-me-five-surprising-things-ive-learned-over-the-past-three-years
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    Op UNIFIER - CAF and the Ukraine Crisis

    And we're really good at rapidly and efficiently extracting large number of nationals, and other friendlies, from failed states collapsing due to an invasion, right?