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    Engineering Officer

    @barbarian825. I just recently apply myself and I am still awaiting the response for next step after passing my CFAT in Feb. I applied in January. I don't think your starting salary will differ too much from what was posted online, I read somewhere in this forum that a whole lot of factor will...
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    Bringing 'Em Back or Not? (I.D.'ed Cdn ISIS fighters, families, kids?)

    I will like to see the issue through objective lenses. Is Jihadi Jack a Canadian? if the answer is yes, Canada can have him back with high priority surveillance put on him as part of the condition of having him back. He must be willing to give something in exchange for his acceptance back into...
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    Construction Engineering Officer

    I am just starting the process of the possibility of DEO route as a Construction Engineering Officer. I am looking for information too as to what to expect. At the posting, do officers live in Barack- like accommodation? Who pays for that? Do new in-take get paid while in training?