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    Fire Discipline Challenge

    Some good discussion. About the book, I know it doesn't have all the answers but it can save you from a charge, or condemn you. If C/S 1 has 5 subcall signs engaged in a Fire Mission, and the ammo order in the initial sequence of orders looks like this: 50% delay in effect How many guns will...
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    Fire Discipline Challenge

    Marking with HE is an effective method, but I challenge you to find the book reference.
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    Fire Discipline Challenge

    Q: Can you shoot a mark mission with HE?  ^-^
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    Afghanistan: Why we should be there (or not), how to conduct the mission (or not) & when to leave

    We'll be there in 2011, we'll be there in 2012, we'll be there in 2015...
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    Artillery Mortar Course

    I thought standard weight square was 98 lbs.. 104 lbs for a DPCIM. I could be wrong though.
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    D30 122mm Howitzer manuals? TFTs?

    I'm wondering if anyone out there as any physical or digital copy of TFTs or manuals for the D30 122mm howitzer. Or if someone knows how I could get a hold of a copy, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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    The Optimal Battle Group vs. the Affiliated Battle Group

    In on OBG, the career progression of subunit pers will suffer.
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    Artillery Ranks

    Go to Afghanistan, and tell that to the boys there. See what kind of response you get.
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    History channel - Vimy

    The History Channel usually makes their shows available on DVD, we'll have to wait and see.
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    British sailors arrested at gunpoint by Iranian navy.

    The comments by the Americans also seem to be a warning to Iran. "Don't try it with us"
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    Time To Dust Off Our M109???

    Judging by your tone, it seems I offended you, if I did, it wasn't my intention. I don't know anyone in ADMMat, nor do I have to, to know more 777's are coming.
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    From Gunner to FOO

    Getting back to the original question, you are probably on your DP1 now, or pat pl, but this info is still relevent. My buddy just finished his FE Tech course, and after march break, will be a sig/fe tech (fire effects technician, or foo tech) for an upcoming tour, he is still a no hook gunner...
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    Time To Dust Off Our M109???

    The LG1 is for training purposes, it won't see another deployment. We have new 777's coming enough to outfit a bty, hopefully they will be here soon. As a note, the M777 does use the M776 cannon tube, however, the A6 paladin, does not. The M776 cannon tube is actually, a slightly shaved down...
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    Defining the "World wars" after WW2

    Calling the Cold War as the Third World War and everything since Sept 11, 01 as the Fourth World War undermines the sacrafices made by the millions who died in the First and Second World War. In my opinion.
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    The "Posted To Winnipeg" Merged Thread

    Manitoba is a ****-hole. Alberta is a beautiful province. I just got back from Edmonton today, beautiful city. Winnipeg is a dirty city. I wouldn't even concider Winnipeg, but that's me.