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    Ex Soldier Evicted While Waiting For Pension and Benifits

    Some very insightful comments here on a very concerning, and sadly all too common IMHO, story.
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    VAC and Tinnitus

    Short experience: I once helped a RCN vet who served on a ship for about 4 yrs in the late fifties w/ his claim for tinnitus. Anyone who knows many seniors can tell you that tinnitus is very very common in the older generation, vet or not. Wasn't very confident that his claim would be...
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    PTSD / OSI [Merged]

    Loadie, In regards to yr mysterious phone call, I suspect it is a VAC employee w/ info on yr case. I have heard of this before fr other vets, as well as personal experience in "off the record" face to face conversations. Have heard many horror stories fr VAC employees and veteran support...
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    Political Corruption Exposed

    I recall about four yrs or so ago Macleans Mg doing a cover story about widespread corruption in QC. The chattering class and every pol that could possibly buy/earn a future vote in the prov were up in arms and screaming bloody murder. Absolute sanctimonious outrage. Andrew Coyne was the editor...
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    New Minister of Veterans Affairs: Mandate Letter, etc.

    I like what I read, although doubling the Last Post Fund is a very common bait-and-switch used by every Canadian gvt going back several years. When gvt's announce adding to the LPF, they are being deceptive (hard to believe, I know  ;)) because they know the bar is set too high for veterans to...
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    Military ID Picture

    Reminds me of a story... On the prep for my first tour in Yugo, we had to get passport photos taken in civis during working hours. The photo tech had exactly one, garishly loud, hawaiin shirt for the entire unit to use. Once you were deployed and traveling on leave with your Bn mates, there...
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    Half-Mast Flags for Jacques Parizeau

    I'm going to give my take on this by sharing a personal story. When the war in Afg was quite intense and we were losing a lot of fine men and women, I lost a close friend and comrade. The next day I was in my legion lounge when this death came up in conversation. Before I could say anything...
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    Literature about Canadian Airborne Regiment

    "Ashamed" is NOT an adjective I have ever heard to describe CAR veterans. Those that I know are very proud of their service in that regiment, and rightly so. I would suggest you choose your words a little more carefully.
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    Literature about Canadian Airborne Regiment

    Don't know how helpful they'll be in regards to your research, but two books I've enjoyed reading were: "Eat Your Weakest Man" by Rui Ameral - an autobiog. and "Scapegoat" by Kyle Brown and Peter Worthington - Brown's bio and fallout fr the Somalia scandal.
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    Inside the RCMP's Biggest Crisis: Mar 9th Macleans Magazine Cover Story

    Being the luddite that I am, I am unable to supply the link to this article. After having spent two hrs single finger typing my commentary on this article, I was very dismayed and PO'd to find that I used the wrong format for my link, and the whole post dissapeared in the ether. Perhaps a kind...
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    When did Canada become so bad ass?

    Wow, check out the comments (or maybe you had better not) of that blog. I thought there were ignorant gum flappers on cbc.ca.
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    Are you happy with the way the opposition parties are criticizing VA?

    Further to my last - Until they do make that commitment, and act on it, they are just blowing smoke in my opinion.
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    Are you happy with the way the opposition parties are criticizing VA?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think any the opposition parties have committed to ending the NVC lump sum award and bringing back lifetime pensions.
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    Regimental Affiliation.

    Don't forget long hair and a fabulous tan for Hollywood Battalion. Who knew dextron ATF had so many uses. :)
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    Ex-military man planned attack on Veterans Affairs office in Calgary skyscraper"

      Anything that perpetuates the "Crazy, raging, dangerous" veteran stereotype hurts us all. Often, in the public's mind, we are all tarred with the same brush. Something to keep in mind when applying for a job or moving into a new neighbourhood etc...     Also, blaming the employees of a...