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    ROTP at Civilian University 2004 - 2018 [Merged]

    Hello, I just finished the Ammunition Technical Officer course a couple weeks ago. So, what you found on the RMCC website is the courses we take on MOD 1 of the course. It starts with a semester at RMCC where we take the courses you found.  We break for X-Mas leave then show up for MOD 2 at...
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    Logistics Officer - Sea [Merged]

    HR isnt only Air Log....there have been army pers do the course. I wouldnt take that specialty with someone elses 10 foot pole though Go ATO ;)
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    CAP for Cele 2015

    yes CELE do BMOQ-L
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    BMOQ Training [MERGED]

    each mod is 2 weeks. total 10 weeks. Unless ur a winter serial then its an extra week for Basic Winter Warfare
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    BMOQ Training [MERGED]

    5 is instruction mod - both PT and lessons (knowledge and practical) 2 is weapons  (C7 refresher, C9, grenades and 9mm) 1 is Nav 3 is Off/Def techniques - aka section attack week with some digging trenches in there as well (and a big def battle and retreat) 4 is Recce Patrol
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    CAP 2014

    Just got off BMOQ-L in April... As a new InfO....you will be at Gagetown on OPP Pl (basically InfO Pat Pl) before all your phases basically. Expect to do nothing. Guys I know that are there report in the morning and see if there is anything to do (there isnt) and go to the gym all day...lol...
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    WTB: Army Officer Log Branch Mess Kit

    Hey, Looking for an Army officer mess kit. I'm a new LogO. Rank doesnt matter much as I will have to get it tailored with the pips anyways. Regards, Mike
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    BMOQ May 5th, 2014

    for you new MARS hopefuls - check out this video. The people in the vid are my friends from basic last year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGgr39cziGI
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    BMOQ: Leadership assessment and training?

    there are different "missions" almost all are like this: Go to X and look for this....or patrol this route....go to X and hand out aid to refugees.....go to x and bring the VIP to the meeting. You then do your battle procedure and create your course of action and orders. then you issue your...
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    BMOQ-L 20Jan to 4Apr - Gagetown

    probably everything is better than being a candidate at the Inf School - lol
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    BMOQ: Leadership assessment and training?

    LPAC is an obstacle where you have limited resources to overcome the obstacle and there are things you are not allowed to do to pass it (cant touch ground, etc) it is also time based. TIP: you dont actually have to accomplish getting over the obstacle to pass. They are testing how you lead your...
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    BMOQ-L 20Jan to 4Apr - Gagetown

    Passed. I now hate Gagetown though...lol
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    BMOQ-L 20Jan to 4Apr - Gagetown

    Hey, Anyone else here on this course? I'm driving from Pet and leave tomorrow morning. So not looking forward to this course lol....
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    NEW BMQ/BMOQ for 2014

    i think you are seeing reserve stuff and just 1 mod. No way BMOQ is going from 15 weeks to 2