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    My University Sacrificed Ideas for Ideology. So Today I Quit.

    I have needed Carpenters. I have needed plumbers. I have needed electricians. I have needed a mechanic more than a couple of times. Never once in my 60 years on this planet have I needed a political scientist (whatever TF that is), a CPA, or an astrophysicist. Very seldom have I needed a...
  2. Kat Stevens

    Islamic Terrorism in the West ( Mega thread)

    Because you've never been to Carlisle
  3. Kat Stevens

    Mandatory Vaccination by November 15

    So, PMC enters the mess every day, Monday to Friday to do PMC stuff. No vacc check. PMC goes to a wedding reception at the mess on a Saturday and is required to show vacc proof. Monday, back to PMC stuff, no check. Am I reading that correctly? Same for bar staff?
  4. Kat Stevens

    Bringing 'Em Back or Not? (I.D.'ed Cdn ISIS fighters, families, kids?)

    At least we don't call them "hostages", to promote proper behavior, any more.
  5. Kat Stevens

    "Soldiers Rules" - Still a current thing?

    Lebensraum, anyone?
  6. Kat Stevens

    Best Base/Training Area for Tanks/Combined Arms

    Terrain wise it's pretty tough to beat Shilo for maneuver training. Other than those pesky 105 and 155 duds lying all over the place of course.
  7. Kat Stevens

    Infantry Tactics

    No idea what that feels like, sorry. Message received. Out.
  8. Kat Stevens

    Infantry Tactics

    ...with a map.
  9. Kat Stevens

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    Generals are “not truthful”. Corporals are lying pricks.
  10. Kat Stevens

    Help Require for Another Badge Identification (Possibly Medical Related)

    Weird that it has no bottom rocker or motto.
  11. Kat Stevens

    Dress During Final Release Appt

    You’re kidding, right? A CWO was responsible for us having to walk around Wainwright with three different hats in our pockets during pre deployment training with 2VP in 96. You guys aren’t immune lol.
  12. Kat Stevens

    The military has a hate group problem. But it doesn't know how bad it's gotten.

    I guess Khalistan is off the table then. Whew.
  13. Kat Stevens

    Dress During Final Release Appt

    Troops hate to wear DEU and see it as punishment because a) it’s uncomfortable b) it’s high maintenance, and c) it’s expensive to replace. Oh, and d) the boots suck That said, I didn’t mind wearing it when it was required, parades and whatnot. It didn’t bother me to wear it for final out...
  14. Kat Stevens

    Congratulations on Your Military Service… Now Here Are 9 Reasons Why I Won’t Hire You

    There’s not a single chance in hell I could have put my feet up after I retired. sorry, misread, I didn’t ride it to the end of the line, doctors had other ideas.
  15. Kat Stevens

    Dress During Final Release Appt

    I wasn't given the option. When I got my terminal handshake from the civy in the basement of base HQ in Edmonton, it was in DEU. Didn't bother me to wear it one last time.