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    Success Stories

    Success story? Finally making it to the first page of the 'Roster' and into the top100!
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    Problems and Bugs

    Trick I use, especially when trying to get the 'equip. lvls' challenge, is just to click the "Trg" tab again. Not the greatest tip - but when trying to upgrade a dozen pieces of equipment it saves having to load an extra screen for no reason..
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    Am I weaker than a 5 year old?

    Any previous injuries or underlying medical condition? As for technique, I prefer the hand-over-hand method but if you're having trouble with that...  ??? I'd suggest calling a sports therapist [or something related] and ask them for information on the muscle groups and what might actually be...
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    Word association (just for fun)

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    Bayonets: your essential Zombie killing weapon accessory.

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    Problems and Bugs

    Correct. It's the only example of this I've seen so far. Succeeded at the gym - apparently failed at the joke  :-[
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    Problems and Bugs

    Work out at the gym -17CR, +15CE glitch? or am I am just overexerting myself on PT?
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    Media Bias [Merged]

    I literally 'laughed out loud' because the first one to come to mind was "CBC news" Mercer Report George Stroumbo Tonight Marketplace I find CTV to be an anomaly though. Before Corner Gas became a hit the only Canadian content I remember them playing was 'CFTO newshour' and 'Canadian Idol'
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    Media Bias [Merged]

    Hey, just like every other proud Canadian, I don't watch the CBC. But damned if I want to lose it! I feel it is a strong part of our identity and does feature the vast majority of Canadian (and British) content seen by Joe Canada. Just wish the Gov't would run it a little tighter - or at least...
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    Q&A thread stop/slow all the new threads with the same question

    Come on. You don't think it's funny when people derail threads with multiple post, one line statements about not posting irrelevant information? The irony kills me. you owe me everything! Will I be able to keep my asthma inhaler in my rucksack? If I'm missing 1 Gr.10 credit in Ontario can I...
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    The 5 Eyes - An alternative to NATO? A Match for China

    Damn misleading titles. I used the example based on recent news stories about how China will begin building their own stockpiles over the next few years and everyone else is scrambling to find ways to extract it efficiently. Furthermore, from Wiki:
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    That guy was for real!? I thought that was a more avid users shtick  :o
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    The 5 Eyes - An alternative to NATO? A Match for China

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the PLA already 50% bigger than the USAF - with the potential to "conscript" a military equal to the entire US population? I always thought China was the last remaining "Super power." Their economy is one of the biggest in the world, their workforce [I believe]...
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    Chronic Sea Sickness

    The CF's all about booting people that get seasick, eh? Hopefully, they're not as quick to toss out Purple-traded individuals and opt for transfers to land. Couldn't members just use Scopolamine patches?
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    "Basic Up" series and similar things

    God bless PVRs. *taped*