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    Earning Loss Benefit ( ELB )

    Well here is the skinny,  some people are not going to be happy.  Not sure this answers the question on sisip but op brass should be happy but the troops are getting screwed...
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    Legion stealing acronyms now? Are they OSISS?

    Not sure why you picked that comment.  OSISS is non clinical and is not considered a health service either.
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    Legion stealing acronyms now? Are they OSISS?

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    Anybody think new budget will have anything at all about veterans?

    Well here we go, we are about to find out where veterans sit on the priorities that this sitting gov't was voted in on.  I am not optimistic since their only priority seems to be refugees. What say you?
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    New Help for Veterans to Transition into Civilian Life

    That is a function of the IPSC(who are about to face some changes), now the MFRC is involved.  This should be good.
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    Sailor who doubled in size wins disability benefits

    SupersonicMax, yes you should lol. They should have abolished that board years ago.
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    New Minister of Veterans Affairs: Mandate Letter, etc.

    They better get PM out of Europe before they say anything else, He has already spent $2B on outside boarders initiatives.  I wonder what project is going to suffer for that? HMMM....
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    Question about Vac Appeals

    Excellent response Blackberet.  The only thing I would add is if the OA was not in the original diagnosis, have your doctor assess it according to the injury. If it is supported as part of the injury already claimed, you will be raising a claim "consequential" to the original. An appeal is...
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    "Conservatives to overhaul veterans' benefits .... to placate angry ex-soldiers"

    Significant analysis and consultation would be required with the Canada Revenue Agency to establish an appropriate definition of ‘net income’ and further analysis would be needed to compare it to other similar support programs. As such, further due diligence is required to address this proposal...
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    "Conservatives to overhaul veterans' benefits .... to placate angry ex-soldiers"

    "Committee Recommendation 4 That the earnings loss benefit be non-taxable and set at 85% of net income, up to a net income threshold of $70,000, that it be adjusted annually to the consumer price index, and that for veterans who participate in a rehabilitation program, the disability award be...
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    Decision Letter

    He has a favourable decision.  He has options when he has that, like reassessment after 2 years.  An appeal is not always necessary and can take up to the same length of time.
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    Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Service (CFMWS)

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    Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Service (CFMWS)

    Hi Folks, Just thought I would share with you a recent outreach put on by this group that I attended.  The increase of benefits much like what is received by the US Military is beginning to become more so for us as serving soldiers, veterans reg/res much to the efforts of the subject line...
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    VAC Client Card - 'A' client vs 'A&B' client

    You are absolutely correct Blackberet but it also hinged to B Client status which is additional benefits for SDO/SDA injured vets.  Using your example, if you have someone living with you capable of doing the work you can no longer perform or live in a condo where it is included,  you will not...