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    Improved Combat Uniform

    Wonder if they are just waiting on OD and Blue velcro slip ons patches lol
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    Improved Combat Uniform

    So, has anyone seen purple trades that are air force or navy in this yet? So far it's just the army guys wearing the new digs. I'm pretty sure if I go hand in my ragged ass combat cozies, I won't be issued the new one, even if they don't have my size in stock because I wear a blue t-shirt in...
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    Improved Combat Uniform

    Oh christ, that photo and all the hashtags make me a little sick... Serious case of FNG... Noticed so far that it's just the Army getting the upgrade. Haven't seen any Air or Navy purple trades with the new tops yet.
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    The Land Operations Temperate Boots (LOTB)

    I'll give you that, not a whole lot of dismounted time spent in trenches, and whenever it was muddy, they were protected by Neos. Touche Daft... Touche lol
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    For Sale - CPGear Chest Rig - Coyote Brown - $250

    Going to be posting this up elsewhere now that army.ca has had the first kick at the can. Will keep monitoring this thread though and will update if sold.
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    More and more funnies.. vol: something...

    They had the 911 call playing on the radio here the other day... It was really sad, but quite entertaining.
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    Wanted: Cadpat Arid used equipment

    CP Gear has a lot of good Arid CADPAT stuff too... and a lot of it has more LCF than the actual issued kit. The biggest benefit is you won't be in possession of stolen property if you choose to get the "knock off"s :)
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    Possibility screwed my self

    I wonder if the CFRC's are letting applicants know that positions in the CAF are relatively tight right now... due to budget constraints and cutbacks?
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    For Sale - CPGear Chest Rig - Coyote Brown - $250

    Pics of the rig: Front: Back: Worn Front/Left Worn Back/Right
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    WTS - Stealth Suit Jacket and Pants. Med, $180.

    With the summer Officer training cycle in Gagetown quickly approaching... I'd imagine someone should be jumping at this one.
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    This makes me very sad...

    This was in no means a shot at the servers or the mods. I actually meant exactly what I posted... that screen makes me sad lol
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    The Land Operations Temperate Boots (LOTB)

    I've had the same zippered boots for 2 years... seen multiple months in the field. The tabs are busted off, but they still zip fine. However... with issued boots, they're probably going to be shitty zippers :D
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    Only one in 5 years...lol

    Once again Kerry, stay in your own lanes when providing information. Depending on the requirements of the trade, it is very possible to have a streamlined recruitment process based on the needs of the service. It depends a lot on scheduling, the number of applicants, the needs of the service...
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    After Basic Training !!! PLEASE HELP!!!

    Eye in the Sky hit this one on the nose... I have a friend who applied in June and was done basic by January... I have also seen it take over 2 years to get an offer... it's on a case by case basis, so if you're serious about making the commitment to the CAF, let your recruiters know your...
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    This makes me very sad...

    Not only does it make me sad, but it's happening a lot lately lol