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    Reserves with a full time job.

    Ill talk to the recruiter Monday. The union seems to be pretty military friendly, so they might be able to work something out.
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    CFAT Exam

    Can you use a calculator for the math section?
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    Anyone else feel like the spotlights on them?

    Get a job while you wait for the forces. I started down my excellent career five years ago by getting a minimum wage job at a factory. I have not looked back. On another note. The substance use/abuse. Ask yourself, is this just a phase in my life, or am I doing this because I am unhappy with...
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    Apprenticeship through the forces? pros / cons?

    Hi. I'm currently in my 2nd year for 309A ICI through the local (IBEW 353). I do commercial and tenant work. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the consensus at the JAC and union is that the pre-apprenticeship courses are a waste of money and more importantly time. If you are in Toronto...
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    Reserves with a full time job.

    Hi guys. I'm looking at the reserves for either infantry, armour,engineer or anything else really. I'm not particularly picky about the trade. My biggest hurdle is my job/career that I do not wish to give up; apprentice ICI electrician-309A. I have 3000 hours under my belt. I have a set...
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    Applying for Hull Tech this morning

    Thank you. Much appreciated. :D That was the answer I expected actually. Extremely interested. My biggest issue will probably be my medical. I hope to be able to sort that out ASAP; to see if I am eligible. It would be a real kick to the nether regions if I'm not even eligible. I will also...
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    Applying for Hull Tech this morning

    So how much welding do the guys actually do, as a percentage of time? Do they do other processes instead of just MIG/Fluxcore? TIG? Stick? Submerged arc? I noticed plumbing and pipe fitting. Sounds like a really neat opportunity. I've done purely plate and thin gaugeĀ  with some aesthetic stuff...
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    Applying for Hull Tech this morning

    Hi guys. Going in this morning to apply for Hull Tech. Not really interested in anything else. Electrical might be an option, but I can be a land lover for that. My situation; I've been an unticketed welder for about two years now. Just various mig/stick jobs with a tiny bit of stick in...