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    Warrant Officer - Roles and Responsibilities

    Thanks for all the help! Got exactly what I needed!
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    Warrant Officer - Roles and Responsibilities

    Good day! I'm looking at transitioning out of the CAF, in doing so I'm trying to explain to civilian employers the Roles and Responsibilities of a Warrant Officer. I don't want to just explain my trade or my specific job but what the rank means, and some of the general things we do at that...
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    MATA and PATA ( Parental Leave )

    Any more information available now that the 18months has been approved and is to start for the Federal Gov in Dec? Any ideas how that will affect members?
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    All of those dates say "cancelled" beside them and it has been like that for sometime now.
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    Good afternoon all, Has anyone heard any information on when the ACISS DP4 package will be available and taught again? I know it has been out of commission for sometime now so it could be revamped but we haven't heard anything else. Thanks.
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    C&P and PERs

    Good morning, I know I posted this topic yesterday, but I guess most msgs from yesterday morning were lost. So I thought I would ask again and see if I could find any factual information out there people might have or situations people have dealt with that may be similar. I have an individual...