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    What up with the pay system for reserves comming off tour?

    A few thoughts on this one: 1. CRA is a good way to get T4s if you don't receive them. That being said; whenever you move or on an annual basis take the time to ensure that your address is up to date in RPSR or CCPS (pay systems) and that your pay information is correct. This is often a problem...
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    Mefloquine (a.k.a Lariam) anti-malarial in CF use (merged)

    Malarone is the good stuff, as long as you remember to take it daily. Worked in Africa!
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    Self ID WEbsite TF 1-11, anyone know where it is?

    Good evening, Hoping someone can give me the self id link, DIN searching seems to be it's usual useful self on the subject. Thanks
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    Plaque restoration

    Heritage Canada has Art Restorers who do all sorts of stuff and could perhaps help. There's always the War Museum, they might not be able to help but would definitely know the right people and have always been good to talk to when I've had questions for them.
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    Force Generation Policy/Direction for TF 1-11/ Reserve Guidelines B&C

    Good day all, Hoping someone can help me with some policies I'm trying to look up in vain. I'm looking for the Force Generation Instruction relevant to TF 1-11 (Afghanistan) and the Reserve Employment Guidance for Class B and C. I believe there was a CANFORGEN in 2008 which produced the policy...