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    How not to make an impression in applying for RMC/ROTP

    Grown ups use thier own minds and skills to search out and research questions they may have, and information they wish to learn, if you cant do that little bit of work then how in gods name do you hope to get through one of the most competitive university application programs?  let alone...
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    Universal high-speed internet essential: Liberals

    Ahhhh i remember a time when we would have little "gas wars" in the town i live in, Gas would get as low as 25-30 cents a litre :o  As well as when diesel was the cheaper alternative.  Like almost every other market the price is what it it because we are willing to pay it.  My brother in law...
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    Release -- overpayment of wages

    Did you parade with your unit during those 6 months???? I always thought that your release wasnt official until the paperwork has been signed so if you did parade then how could they ask for those funds back??? surely someone here knows better than me as i have not been in long and have not...
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    Sound off: What are you doing right now? Aside from the obvious being on here..

    Waiting for word on an internal job interview......patience is a skill learned and not taught RTG :cdn:
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    What's the food like on course? (BMQ, DP, ect...) [Merged]

    My haybox breakfasts and dinners both come straight off the base....15 service batallion stamped all over them (I know this from cleanup duty) and ya so far the food has been pretty good save those damned box lunches  :-X  oh well, I cant imagine anyone ever died from CF box lunches. RTG :cdn:
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    Sound off: What are you doing right now? Aside from the obvious being on here..

    Waiting for a work order number from the powers that be upstairs!! RTG :cdn:
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    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    "If i didnt have the money to pay for my photo radar fines then i wouldnt speed now would I???" :'(brings a tear to my eye even now RTG :cdn:
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    Word association (just for fun)

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    Crazy Edmonton Murder.

    This case is surely one of the strangest to come across the court system in Edmonton for quite some time.  Still to say she was finally striking back after years of abuse...why try and hide it, if there was documentation of abuse, or police reports, or something else to prove it had been...
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    scheduling conflict

    Good news today, I spoke to my suprivisor and he said if the job in mcmurray does happen he is willing to work something out so I can continue training( Sympathetic since his brother in law is in the CF in Ottawa apparently)  Thats a load off of my mind ;D RTG :cdn:
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    Living with an OSI.

    When I was younger i was on practicum for my EMT-A, my first call came in as an elderly woman with chest pains, but by the time we were moving it turned into a single vehicle roll over with 4 passengers.  Upon arrival 2 were pinned under the vehicle and one was appx 10 feet away having been...
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    Guys I really need some advice about my life.... joining the army is an option

    So youre going to take the opinion of another on how "tough" the reserves are?  I imagine there are alot of people who would find that offensive(myself included).  The military needs their soldiers trained so that they can ALL be called to active duty if deemed neccesary by the Governor General...
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    scheduling conflict

    Agreed Stacked I would be dissapointed as well, my big concern is the training schedule for BMQ and BMQ-L worse comes to worse perhaps my employer will work with me on this, its not even a for sure thing yet.  Im sure theres a way through this RTG :cdn:
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    scheduling conflict

    Hello all,             So after spending any number of months going through the application process and being accepted and starting BMQ weekend I have a potential concer.  Pertaining to my civi job there is a potential that I am going to be strong armed into a 6 on 6 off rotation in Fort...
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    Time traveller in a Charlie Chaplin movie?

    What the scientists have failed to notice is that the old woman in question is in fact Jerry O'Connell from "Sliders" in a clever disguise :nod: