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    All Things Negligent Discharge (merged)

    (Apologies in advance if it was posted somewhere else, I did search but I am a bit of a moron when it comes to this stuff) Link to article Summary: Major-General Micheal Rouleau, commander of CANSOF, was in Iraq during a visit to the front lines (Presumably related to Op Impact) and while...
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    All things LASIK surgery (aircrew/other -- merged)

    Actually I was at the recruitment center a few weeks ago (And forgot my ID like a genius) and asked a similar question. The times are as such: 3 months for non-aircrew trades 6 months for aircrew trades Recommend Procedures for Aircrew (Not Pilots) and other trades: WFG or conventional PRK...
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    MP Special Reaction Team / SWAT?

    I know this thread is sorta dead but the information is not entirely valid at the moment. There IS a SOF MPU ( Military Police Unit ). What they do exactly is beyond me. I found a mention of them in the locate a recruiter on the CANSOFCOM page.
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    Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR)

    Is their a possibility of lengthening your stay or returning in a later point in time?
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    Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR)

    Does anyone know the duration of a rotation in CSOR? What I mean is after serving you initial minimum which is 3 years I believe, would the kick you back out to your original regiment or could you remain inside as long as you were physically capable to remain operational. Since it seems a bit...
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    CSOR and JTF2 Physical Fitness tests - what they are, minimum standard, etc

    Upon further search I found this gem. Amendments include using 5th version of the CF EXPRES manual. It was written on July 3 2015 and the sixth point states that an 3rd version of the pre-selection test will be released in early 2016. I assume that means late 2016 to early 2017 considering I...
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    CSOR and JTF2 Physical Fitness tests - what they are, minimum standard, etc

    Upon my search for the pre-screening physical fitness test I have for CSOR and JTF2 and both seem semi-outdated. I found two CSOR versions (one and two) however both reference the CF Expres Manual for instructions how to perform the different exercises they prescribe for the test. Also the JTF2...