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    226 5As/OJT package

    Hello, Well I came in from Civy school, skipped POET and trades courses and was posted to a non blue unit (CFC Toronto).  Had to complete my OJT package for my ZABB package. I was given a pass on my OJT package based on my performance in PC related PO's, Networking PO's, Telecom PO's.  Certain...
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    Our dilemma : Nova Scotia or Ontario ??

    Hello, We faced the same situation about 2 months back. ... simular.  Toronto or Greenwood.  I asked about as did my wife through the various mil wives forums she frequents and we decided to go with ontario.  She was basically told that in Greenwood she could either work at the mall or hang out...
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    CFC Toronto as a posting

    It's a nice area.  Just N of steeles and E of Markham Rd.  I have two kids so we were lookin for a place that seemed to be really kid friendly. Thanks for the warm welcome. Dylan
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    CFC Toronto as a posting

    I guess you're all right.  Rent ain't too bad for the area.  We signed a lease on Thurs for a brand new duplex in S.E. Markham for 1400.  4 bdrm, master ensuite, unfinished bsmt.... the works. Just got a quote for 290 for the two vehicles and tenant insurance.  Thanks for the advice, I'll keep...
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    CFC Toronto as a posting

    Well I've got a map of the PLD zones in TO.  I'll find a way to post shortly.  Now that I've been here and looked about here are some things I've noticed.... If you drive now, sell yer car. I thought Alberta started high for insurance.  Was payin 170 for two vehicles now lookin at about 400+...
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    Allowances - Post Living Differential (PLD) [MERGED]

    Hey all, reference this: PLD is a taxable benefit. As a result, an increment is added when calculating the rates to offset the income tax paid on the allowance. This means that the allowance is increased by the amount of marginal tax to allow for loss through taxation does this mean it has...
  7. shado_wolf

    CFC Toronto as a posting

    Well..... The Sgt I'll be reporting to in TO told me to check with IRP.  IRP told me to check with my BOR.  My BOR said I should ask someone in TO... Gettin dizzy yet? Dylan
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    CFC Toronto as a posting

    As it sits my COS date is 09 Jan 06 to be in T.O.... I am going to see IRP on Monday and I am hoping they can answer that question as I've asked everybody I could so far and haven't recieved any definative answers. I'll let you know what I find out.  By the way, what is you trade and when are...
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    CFC Toronto as a posting

    Hello, Is anyone here posted to CFC Toronto?  What is it like to work there?  Are the PMQ's any good?  Were you able to live in an area outside of TO?  My posting choices just changed to TO and Greenwood.  I'm prolly gonna go with Toronto so the wife will have a better chance of getting a...
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    Living Quarters in the regs

    If you were to join the regs and end up in edm you'ld probably live in shacks if your single.  If your an ncm, they are either singles or doubles.  The singlie is long and narrow and has a sink in it.  You share a shower and toilette with a neighbor.  A double is more L shaped and has its own...
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    Edmonton Thread- Merged

    Personally, working on the base, I'ld rather live N of 153 Ave and between 127 and 82 Street.  Lots of newer areas in there as well as some with a few years on them.  I've only been here since '97 and I've seen a lot of growth in that time, can't imagine the difference since you were here! Dylan
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    Edmonton Thread- Merged

    Hey there, I am in NE Edm and it's not bad.  Getting more services and bigger stores in the area.  Although having the police helicopter buzzin around the sky all night does get on the nerves...  There are decent homes just south of the base around castle downs. Dylan 
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    choices choices choices- Winnipeg, Cold Lake or North Bay?

    Hey all, I've been given a list to prioritize.   Having not lived in any of the cities I've no clue which to go with.   I was hoping to get the perspective of some of the members or spouses that may have lived there. I get to pick between: North Bay Winterpeg Cold Lake I'm married with two...
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    ATIS training

    Hello, Just a quick q to anyone who may have completed trades training for ATIS.  Did you go do OJT after POETS while you waited to get to your trades training, and where did you do it?  When you did get to go was it all in trenton or split between kingston and trenton?  The info I've found...
  15. shado_wolf

    Second Language Training ( SLT )

    Serious?  Or are you just teasing me.  I really don't want to have to maintain ankle boots day and day out if not needed.  Would be great if I could wear combats.  Was it a group decision or individual?  I am sure you would want to maintain some kind of consistancy.