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    MS Office 365/MS Teams

    Turns out I was doing everything wrong; browser, teams app vs o365 teams, some other stuff. What a trip. Can we please at least stick with this one? It's a clunky monster, but my crew have been through about a half-dozen chat/sharing apps so far and I'll settle for anything at this point.
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    MS Office 365/MS Teams

    Forgive me if this is the wrong place for this, but I cannot be the only person having issues with these programs? I am heading the charity effort at work and need a file on a particular stream (?) of our new defence 365 network. I yet have some hope that it may just be emailed to me, but right...
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    Why Can’t Tanks be Larger? Rheinmetall’s 130mm Gun and the Future of MBTs

    Ahem. Rail Gauge. Follow that where it takes you.
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    Saudis sending Canadian-made LAVs to combat Yemeni Rebels

    There was no way in hell the Liberals were going to do anything to hurt GDLS, even slightly before the election; now that it is over? Canadians have ably demonstrated the willingness to forgive any Liberal misdeeds to a greater degree than ever before. If they are going to slap some wrists any...
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    Int O Competition

    They were taking 15 this year from the SCP program...
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    Jeffrey Epstein, found in his prison cell.

    I think just the fact of how E. was handled as a prisoner points directly to a cover-up. Was he murdered? I think if he was; we will never, ever be allowed to know. Just picture that as the result of an official investigation; "Yeah, this guy with dirt on the Clintons and tons of others was...
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    Chinese veterans of PLA in Canada

    Multiculturalism being the antithesis of assimilation....
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    "Canadian Tank Crew Members Praise Soviet T-72 Battle Tank"

    Okay. So the "expert" is some rando from CGN. Not exactly what I'd call a verified source, as much as I love CGN. That's about like me getting the latest news from a Nintendo Reddit where someone is gushing over things their alleged uncle who allegedly works for Nintendo-Brazil said and...
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    Kingston thread - merged

    Probably a security thing.
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    Kingston thread - merged

    UPDATE The Demarc Point is information the tech will supply AFTER installation; there is literally no way to get it beforehand because they don't know what the points are until they look at it and don't know which ones they will use.
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    Kingston thread - merged

    It's the same policy for all of them, accommodations has the sheets and it's supposed to come from bell; except they do not know.
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    Kingston thread - merged

    Hello. So; say that you were on course in Kingston and trying to set up internet in your shacks, which is allowed. Say also that SMC was dead-set certain that Bell (the only authorized provider) was to provide certain information; a "Demarc Pair". Imagine further that no-one at Bell has the...
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    FN C2

    What of reliability?
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    Cleaning out the old VHS lockers; who to consult on distribution?

    So I have had an interest in converting VHS to digital formats for quite some time. Way back when some of my favourite movies were only to be found on old VHS tapes; it seemed like the only way to save them. Recently; I was handed a box of old VHS tapes from the back of the cage and told I...
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    Ordering Wide sized lowa boots-unavailable in North America

    That might be more helpful. The local shops were all a bust.