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CCGA RHIB Coxswain. RCA: Infantry, Pioneer, MSE-Op, Combat Engineer, Medical Assistant. RCAF Mission Specialist. Airport, Structural and Wildland Firefighter, Engineer. SAR Diver/Instructor. Critical Care and Wilderness Paramedic. FW and RW Flight Nurse.
Ft. Hunter Liggett, CA
CCGA, LER, 8 FER, 440 SQN, USAR Contractor since 2017
Military Experience
14y reserve service, 35y Emergency Services
I visited behind the curtain as far as the Urals / north of the Black Sea in '81 and later read the translated version of Helene Carrere d'Encausse's 1978 book "l'empire éclaté" while VW T1 camping and backpacking (and trying to avoid attention during Reforger 82). It took almost 2 years to get my security clearance and join up, but I never had any doubts why it was necessary. Sadly, it is again.


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