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    So what is your opinion on saluting foreign officers?

    What's the rule of thumb/accepted practice for saluting amongst junior officers?  I remember being discouraged saluting Lt's when I was a green 2Lt and was vaguely told to salute Capt's if they hold a field position (like the adjt or Coy OC). I remember in Gagetown, some poor fresh OCdts (and...
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    Washing Cadpat

    It depends a little bit on the detergent you use. I was pretty good with washing it with Cheer in the beginning and the fading was minimal... then I started to use Tide tablets when I was away in the summer and the fading began, mostly with the black pattern. But this wasn‘t done in a science...
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    Course and posting order

    Born Military -- are you sure you have your terminology right? I am 100% sure that the Reg Force DP1 involve both a BMQ and an SQ course, just like the Reserve. The Reg Force doesn‘t have some magical course that includes both.
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    Summer training

    Ghost778, are you looking at both the ARC matrix and the National matrix? Because ARC doesn‘t cover stuff done by say, Infantry School and Arty School. And as far as I know, there ARE several Driver Wheeled serials running under the ARC banner...
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    Driver and Wheel course

    Goodness gracious, I can‘t even say anything nice about the Armoured Corps as a Log without it being construed as an insult. :rolleyes: And I run my crses as prescribed by what the Centre of Excellence suggests I do. I have ran 4 serials within a 12 month period (show me a reg or res crse...
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    Driver and Wheel course

    Believe it or not, the Armoured School is the "Centre of Excellence" currently responsible for the LFC Driver Wheeled series of courses. CFSAL may conduct a lot of the courses, but the Armoured School wrote and organized a lot of the training plan currently in use. And before you all say...
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    Driver and Wheel course

    Iltis, LSVW, OR the MLVW can all be used as the core veh -- it doesn‘t have to be the Iltis as the 1st veh. I‘ve ran LSVW->Iltis->MLVW and LSVW->MLVW and one can run MLVW->LSVW also if so inclined (although I don‘t like having the ML as the first veh simply because I don‘t want to have to sign...
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    Driver and Wheel course

    How long is the course? I don‘t think Iltis is even offered any more -- I haven‘t run the Iltis portion for the last 3 of 4 courses I ran. I know there is a "March Break" course being run that is about a week long plus a weekend that is for the LSVW (seeing you are in the Toronto area). The...
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    All About RESO (merged)

    For the so-called "Phase I", BOTP for the most part is the same as BMQ and could be done over the weekends, except for the leadership portion which is a few extra days. To answer the questions -- as far as I know: 1) Yes, the army will fly you and/or cover travel expenses for the courses. 2)...
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    Garmin and Magellan are two of the more common brands indeed. Basically for GPS there are ones that can have road maps loaded onto them and ones that can‘t. Any GPS will more than likely tell you where you are and can probably track where you have walked and plot a point for you to head to no...
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    Foreign Legion

    Not bashing the French (or the Spaniards...) -- I‘m not one of those "Freedom Fries" people, just parroting what an ex-Legionaire told me about his experiences. I‘m just bashing mercenaries if I‘m bashing anyone. Their ROE is a lot less restrictive than most conventional forces. I think...
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    Foreign Legion

    The French Foreign Legion are literally mercenaries. Despots and dictators of banana republics shell out a bunch of money to hire extra muscle to do their dirty work, which does not necessarily end at the enemy and killing women and children. I‘ll bet they don‘t advertise on the site that a...
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    Training at Fort York (meeting)

    Only for those who head off to swampy swampy Gagetown. (I preferred the Upper Deck myself) Regardless of where you train, try not to pick up a cougar that has a kid that‘s the same age... I know of someone who went home with a cougar and woke up in a room in the morning with this guy playing...
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    Training at Fort York (meeting)

    Example of WHEN to BE a grey man: Scene: at the gas hut. "So, who here has a driver‘s license?" ... do NOT raise your hand! :D
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    Question For Canadian AirForce?

    Just curious, is there a shortage of other non-pilot officers (i.e. Log) in the Air Force or is there a glut?