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    CZ buys Colt (including Colt Canada)

    CZ has bought colt and its canadian subsidiary (Colt Canada). Wonder what this could mean for the pending pistol search and future weapons developments. https://www.reuters.com/article/czg-colt-idUSL1N2KH3HO
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    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    Germany approves 38 Eurofighter purchase https://www.defensenews.com/global/europe/2020/11/12/airbus-hopes-its-65-billion-german-eurofighter-sale-will-shine-for-switzerland-finland/
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    Lack of officers leaves army short of 'heart and soul'

    Maybe the attitude towards the reservists was noted and he wasn't deployed because it would cause problems in a platoon of 20% reservists.
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    New CF helmet in testing

    OTW shirts were first allowed in 2008 however the zipper had to be removed due to the fact that it could melt to your skin... never mind our issued uniforms melting. And Oakleys will "melt to your face" so they are not allowed to be worn... the issued eyewear will not.
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    New CF helmet in testing

    Modular eh... will probably end up just like our body armour. Designed as modular to fit different situations (shoulder guards, Arm pads, and neck Kevlar) that gets pushed by the chain to the level of most protection regardless of the role. Not to mention the fact that as seen towards the end of...
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    The Patrol - Seven days in the life of a Canadian Soldier in Afghanistan

    No shit... I remember this week quite well... might be worth a read to have see this view of it.
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    Developmental Periods for Combat Engineers

    All the Combat Engineer Squadrons in BC were amalgamated into 39 CER... that means 44 FES in Trail, 54 FES in Chilliwack and 6 FES in North Van. So my suggestion would be contact Chilliwack if your on the other side of the valley... they are the same regiment and would have the info you are...
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    Coming Changes to Infantry NCM Career Courses

    So what happens to those of us who are sitting with Mods 1-5 and just in need of mod 6... do we restart the process? or do we slide into small arms or another mod?
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    Improved Combat Uniform

    Just open it tactically... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSK3maq8Cyk
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    Close Area Suppression Weapon (was Company Area Suppression Weapon)

    Australia just canceled their order... http://www.australiandefence.com.au/news/land-40-ph-2-cancelled
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    Close Area Suppression Weapon (was Company Area Suppression Weapon)

    Three man det... It weighs 29 kg and the tripod is an additional 11 kg. add on at least 1 can of ammo (24.9kg for US HEDP M430) and you get 32 rounds for a total weight of 65kg (143lbs); for three troops... right. VS 60mm Mortar 7.7kg (17lbs) for tube in light role, 1.45kg (3.2lbs) per round...
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    The Integrated Soldier System Project (ISSP)

    True but if it is designed to carry plates then split front is not really an option. The only place I see a layout having a place would be on basic courses. On basic troops need to be told how to pack so they can learn the basics of being a soldier before spending their time thinking about...
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    Any reserve units in British Columbia?

    Royal Westminster Regiment; Infantry unit with our Headquarters in New Westminster and another location on 272nd in Aldergrove. 15th Field Artillery also shares the Aldergrove location. Both units are a part of 39 CBG, Other units in this organization can be found at this link...
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    Canadian War movies/documentaries (recent)

    Youtube and Combat Camera are probably going to be your best sources. My experience was reporters were not going to go where we went.
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    VAC 2011 Disability rates Released

    And if your under the "new" veterans charter.... nothing.