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    Re-applying to the CAF

    Hi everyone, so my story goes like this, I applied for Reserve Force back in 2020. I went through aptitude testing, did the force eval, and did the medical, only to be deemed unfit because I disclosed I suffered from depression 5 years ago. I have since gone to counseling. My question is, should...
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    RMC prerequisites

    Hello all, I applied to RMC and I was wondering if RMC is really strict with their 75% prerequisites specified on their website. I meet all the prerequisites other than English which i have is 70’s but under 75. I have high 80’s as average, experience in Cadets program, 200+ hours of volunteer...
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    This has been dogpiled on but what are my chances for getting into the ROTP?

    Hi all, I've recently registered my account for this inquiry because emailing directly to the recruiting office would only provide me with a singular answer, and I would like to hear multiple inputs from this community. For context, the three officer trades that I applied for were signals, naval...
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    Air Factor appeal

    Hi everyone, I recently went to CFEME for a pilot medical and the ophthalmologist found a problem that disqualified me for all aircrew trades. I have seen optometrists all my life and none of them has ever brought this issue to my attention. I went to an optometrist to get a referral to a...