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  1. O

    BMQ Location 2023

    I have started my application to join the CF. I am interested in knowing where reg. BMQ takes place. I know of potential candidates for locations however, I would like to know if what trade you are after, matters when it comes to BMQ? Or if it is all done at St. Jean? (Aside from the Navy...
  2. RichardCaan

    17-year old Pre-BMOQ: How can I get ready for the CAF appearance standards???

    Hope everyone's doing well! I understand that the CAF has relaxed its dress code. As a 17 year old what appearance/lifestyle rules can I follow to be better prepared for BMOQ and life in the CAF as an officer. For example; short hair, make bed in a specific way, clean up every inch of my room...
  3. N

    Packing for BMQ questions

    Hello all, Just going over everything I need to bring to BMQ (August 20th), As far as baggage is concerned I have a backpack and a hard shell suitcase, (Black, Air Canada, Plain in appearance) I'm concerned my current backpack isn't plain enough as specified by the Kit list, This is what it...
  4. steamboatwilly

    BMQ @ 4 Can Div TC Meaford

    I am looking for a little info on CFB Meaford. I am doing my BMQ there in January and would love to know peoples opinion and/or stories from being there. I asked around with people I know and basically was just told the running jokes about the "Meaford Weather Machine" and how it just generally...
  5. N

    BMQ Inquiry

    I’m giving myself until this September do my CFAT to join the regular force. Can someone please share their experiences in BMQ and what should I focusing on with my training right now to better prepare myself for Basic training. My 2 main top choices of trades are intelligence officer or...
  6. P

    Summer reserve BMQ training Feb~June

    Hello everyone! I got an email month ago asking me if I am available to join the training this coming 2021 Feb~June. Email mentioned that it's just checking my availability, and will contact me if I am successful. I have a job and have to give them at least 2 weeks notice. Will they contact...