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    Hey All, I was wondering if there was someone else applying to the Dental Office Training Program this year? I just wrote my CFAT, and was told that my application will be paused until I hear back from the dental schools I applied to with an unconditional acceptance. Dalhousie and Alberta both...
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    CFAT scores qualify for Sig, Intelligence, tech trades, but not Infantry?

    I would like to preface this by saying THE CAF DOES NOT OWE ME ANYTHING, and that despite the results I received, I would serve this country faithfully in any capacity provided I am given the opportunity. So I did my CFAT today and was told I didn't make the cutoff for infantry yet several...
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    CFAT score for Imagery Tech

    Hey guy, I’m new here. I’m taking my Cfat in 5 days and I’ve been practicing a lot, but I’m still very anxious about it. I am not great at math at all. Anyway I have been trying to figure out what score or percentile I would need to score in to get into an Imagery tech position. Thanks!
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    Cfat test

    Hey everyone, I am applying soon and concerned about math on the cfat. I am going through grade 11 curriculum as I have been out of school a long time. I'm applying for NCM as a structures technician. Anyone have the percentile I would need to be in to pass ? Thanks alot
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    Whats going on with pilot CEOTP? (Seneca)

    Hello all! Bear with me as I write out this message here, I am currently 15 years old and planning to join the RCAF once I complete highschool. I have been around and loved aviation my entire life so naturally, I would like to go into the pilot trade. I have been in cadets since I was 12, I do...