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military police

  1. V

    MPAC dates

    Hello, does anyone know when MPAC dates are for this year? (For Military Police)
  2. P

    PRes Inf to PRes, Unknown CFAT Score

    Hi! I am currently a Corporal in a PRes Infantry unit. I have written up my memo to VOT to an MP unit in my area. I have been in the Forces for three years now. I can't recall my CFAT score, and I am anxious that I didn't meet the requirement when I took the test at 16. When my memo is sent...
  3. K

    Military Police Officer Full Time

    Hey, I am interested in applying to become DEO for military police officer but I noticed that currently they are only hiring part time. Does CAF hire full time for this trade or are they just not hiring for this year. Thanks
  4. K

    Intelligence Officer/Military Police Officer Applications

    Hello, I have recently applied for the intelligence officer positions. I am still waiting on the initial phone call to book the CFAT. However, one of my friends told me that intelligence officer applications for this year have been closed since the beginning and that they were not accepting new...