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6th Anti_tank Regiment WWII

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screaminjimmy said:
Hi, my gramp was in RCEME till 7 June44 when he swithched branches. They utilized his driver-tracked and mechanics and gave him a position as driver for 74 Battery. He towed a 17 pounder from the beaches to Holland. They were very close proximity to Chaudieres, North Shores' , Reginas', basically any 3 Div infantry battalion. Many a night they shared the lines with these troops. Order of battle had them as part of 2 Corps HQ troops, but, they parked the 17s very close to Coy CPs so they could react quickly to any armoured that the infantry incountered. Took a bad hit one time from an 88' and took the side out of the RAM tank, which they used to tow with . Lost half the crew and gramp took schrapnel  in the shoulder. He was back in action within days. Those RAM tanks were built in Montreal and were outfitted with whatever engine they could weld into it. Gramp had one that had Chrysler rotary, Fords and 671 Detroit(screaminjimmy). He has told me many stories. I am very fortunate that to this day I can call him up any day and talk to him. Practically everything that I know about the army is from him. I joined up as a signaller.

a book was written about the 6th ant-tank , written by some of the senior officers,,,I have a copy of it and it tells a lot of info that ididn't know..my father was a serg in the 103rd and taken prisoner in st lambert sur dives,france along with several others which is mentioned in the book..if you care to contact me please do so... I live in eastern canada but at the moment in arizona for the winter,,,
Hi Gary, you shared this book with me a few years back. Was it your father that they called Big Red?

I would appreciate any information regarding the 6th Anti_tank Regiment during WWII as my uncle served in the regiment, but out family has two different dates for his death..one in 1942 and one in 1944. ONe date is posted in the National Archives and we found another ina local newspaper that covered his family's story at the time.
I am very appreciative in this matter.

Thank you

Brandy M, B. A., B. Ed.
What was your uncle's name? The history book of the 6th Anti-Tank lists all the men killed in action.