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AR//MEL Confused


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Ive read a few topics on the AR/MELfor but it did not answer my interogations.

First, I am in the reserve. I got what they say is my AR/MEl today for medical reasons. I dont understand, if I get my AR/MEL that I was not told my Med Cat and MEL. I was not even told I did not meet U of S. I was not even provided a disclosure package, CF 2088 medical statement from D Med Pol.

This certainly does not match what the Casulty Admin Guide from DCSM. By the way what or what id DCSM?

60. If the recommendation of the AR/MEL is likely to have an impact on the member’s career, the file, including the original CF 2088, will be disclosed to the member through his/her
CO, and the member will have the opportunity to make representation. The only exception is when the likely outcome is a recommended Compulsory Occupational Transfer. In that case, the
member is consulted informally to avoid delay in commencement of training in the member’s new occupation. In response to disclosure, the CO must complete Part V of the form and the
member must complete part VI. The CO’s recommendation should be consistent with the member’s assigned MELs, unless the medical situation has changed sufficiently to warrant
reassessment of the member’s medical condition. If so, DMCA 3 should be advised of the new medical evidence (a new CF 2088 should be raised).

When I read http://www.admfincs.forces.gc.ca/admfincs/subjects/DAOD/5019/2_e.asp DAOD 5019-2 and I see "The AR analyst sends an advisory message to the CF member through the CF member's CO." Could this have been what I have done today and not a AR/MEL?




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Perhaps they meant it was approved today, and they don't yet have the details. In any event, get in touch with the Medical people and ask for an explanation, or contact your chain of command and ask for disclosure.


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If you're talking about receiving a message from DMCA about a AR/MEL, it could just be the message stating that a file has been started. If that's the case, the disclosure package, etc will be coming to you within a month or so.