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Bureau of Pension Advocates - Wait Times

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I contacted the Bureau of Pension Advocates today to begin a review of a poor decision from VAC. I was informed that it could take up to 8 months for someone to contact me to discuss the case as there is a significant backlog. And that is just 8 months to discuss it. Who knows how long after that to get the reviewed filed and reviewed by VAC.

It is bad enough that VAC takes forever to make a decision in the first place - no it is going to take a long time to get their poor decisions reviewed.

Has anyone else come across this 8 month delay recently?
Nope, not an 8 month delay, just 3 month, but I can shed some new info light on BPA and VRAB as I just completed not 1, but 2 In-Person VRAB Appeal Hearings. I can confirm that there is now only a 6-8 week wait for VRAB with their Decision Letter to you. That is remarkable considering in the past couple of years it was like a 6-8 month wait. That being said, with the Appeal I just did, from start to finish from when I first requested an Appeal to the time I actually did the In-Person Appeal Hearing it took over 2 years in length. Again, a very vast wait for your Decision Letter once you complete the In-Person Appeal Board Hearing. I am still waiting on VAC though for the Decision on the Percentage. A month.
Thanks Ignatius for the information.

It seems like the ENTIRE VAC system is broken and is only getting worse with no hope in sight. :mad:
Yea, the only thing fast these days about BPA and VRAB is the time it takes for VRAB to reach a Decision upon completion of a Hearing. Everything else is one long double than normal wait. Pathetic.