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Direct Entry Officer (DEO) questions [Merged]

I believe it's one of the sought after degrees for Signal Officer. There's a list of them somewhere here on the site.
HG said:
Hi there, I'm currently a year away from completing a computer science degree and was interested in Joining the regular force. As far as the joining through DEO is anyone aware of which specialties or jobs I may be eligible for with a Computer Science degree?

There are a few where it is an ideal degree and others where it is acceptable.  I recommend you go to a recruiting center and see what your options are.


Good day.

Thanks to some of the administrative staff from these forums, I was able to get back in touch directly with the local CFRC and the staff there. Thank you very much for your assistance. I sincerely appreciate it.

I spoke with a Petty Officer who is looking over my file. He confirmed, that all the docs from my PLAR were in hand. He further noted that I was "merited" for the JAG Board sitting in February and that presently, there are 10 spaces open and I was ranked 28th with approximately 240 people behind me. This raised a couple of questions

1. What is the Function of the February Board? I haven't had a medical or an interview. Is the JAG Board itself the interview, or is the board going to select individuals to take part in the interview/ medical? I have heard that the medical usually precedes the interview, in case there are medical disqualifiers that need to be checked before taking the time to sit down and discuss things.

2. What does the ranking have to do with the process? Does the Board perform whatever function it performs for ALL the applicants, or is there some kind of cut off? I.E. would my ranking be sufficient to actually make the Board- whatever its function happens to be?

Thank you in advance for any help anyone is able to provide. As I've noted before this forum is an invaluable resource for aspiring CAF Members.
I'd be interested in the response to this... but I would guess that if you haven't heard anything yet (I haven't either), then you may not be in for this round...

:christmas happy:
I had similar thoughts. I'll try and get some additional info from the CFRC. If I find anything out, I will post it.

I've been looking into joining the Forces through DEO plan. I currently have a year left on my Degree which is Bachelors in Business Admin - Accounting Track. My question is when should i begin my application process. Am I able to start the application before I have graduated and is starting to do so a year in advance beneficial?

Hello Donomite25,

Your question was answered earlier in this thread: "A student currently in the final year of a degree program is also eligible to apply as a DEO."

Applying earlier than later is always beneficial for the applicant.

Good Day,

Legal Officer applicants are treated slightly different than other applicants.  Normally the medical does come before the interview (done by CFRC) for most applicants, but your interview is being done by the Legal Branch and comes before the rest of the recruiting process that will be done by the CFRC.  Essentially the Legal Branch Merit Board determines who will continue in the process to possibly become a Legal Officer.

Your ranking in the Legal Branch interview/board absolutely determines where you will be for the rest of the process.  For example, if the Legal Branch board finds you unsuitable for employment than your application for the CAF as a Legal Officer will cease; you may still be able to enroll in the CAF just not as a Legal Officer.

I would advise that you don't put much weight on the number of people in front of you at the moment.  The Board won't stop at 10 people, they will rank beyond that as there are many factors that can cause someone's application to come to an end after the Legal Branch Board (e.g. medical, security, etc).

Ah... thanks for the additional info  :christmas happy: Unlike the OP, I don't know if my file has even been reviewed yet so it's totally a waiting game for me :p :cold:
I am also playing the waiting game. My understanding is that there will be another round of interviews in March.

Anecdotally, wait times vary widely for the application to interview process. I initially applied in January 2014, and interviewed within 6 months.
This time around I applied in July 2015... so I am at 18 months and counting. I find it difficult to be patient, but it appears to be the experience across trades in the recruiting process.
Do you mind sharing what happened the first time? I thought they'd keep your file open for 2 years even if you weren't successful...

I did my CFAT at the beginning of November but my paperwork wasn't all in until just before Christmas (had to wait for my certificate from the law society). I haven't done the medical or an interview yet, so I'm just waiting.

I was in a while ago (as MARS) but I'm not sure how competitive I am now so I'm not holding my breath :p
I was unsuccessful at the interview stage in Ottawa. Subsequent to that, I was informed by the recruiting centre that I would be required to wait a year before re-applying, which I did in July 2015. Maybe I misunderstood, but as far as I know my file was closed or at least in abeyance for a year.

I have just tried to stay in contact with someone in recruitment regularly. If I don't hear anything, I usually will send an email to see where things are every 4 weeks or so. Sometimes I am told to wait, but other times I get info on where things are or on what I should be doing. I mean, it's been 18 months so I don't know if it has been helpful for my process, but I prefer that to not doing or knowing anything.
Ah... I have no idea what to expect from the interview, though I expect that it must be a little nerve-wrecking. :eek:

I guess I'll bide my time and relax unless they actually contact me  [:)

(I really want to ask you everything about it but I don't want to be too pushy!  [:-[ [:D )
I asked about the status of my file. I was advised that there will be another JAG board late April/ early May (tbd) and that emails for those candidates invited to interview will go out after Easter.

Based on another thread on this board, that should mean BMOQ no earlier than 28 August...
Hello all, I recently passed my medical and am now waiting to hear back in regard to my BMOQ date. My trades selected are aerospace control officer and intel. My question is this: I've heard from a few sources that the training for aerospace control officers is insanely hard. A few have said that the failure rate ranges from 70-90 percent. While I have every intention of giving this absolutely everything I have, I'm just curious if anyone can weigh in on there opinion of these failover rates. If anything it might help put my mind at ease 🙂. Thank you for any responses and any advice.
A lot of occupations have high failure rates, and AEC is one of them. "Hard"? Some courses are, and there is a lot of work required to pass them, yes, but, aside from that, some people, no matter how intelligent, motivated, and talented, are simply not suited for those types of work.

Having your mind at ease is not a good thing now, on course, or on the job. Another term for that is "complacency".

And it's "Int" in Canada. "Intel" is American.
Passing an AEC course is not for the faint of heart.  You will spend many nights studying for exams or practicing in the simulator.  You need to focus maximum effort at all times while on course.  You must study and practice with your course mates.  You will either pass together or fail alone. 

Then when Friday night comes around, you will need to take some time to relax and unwind.  If you don't, you well stress yourself out and buckle under the heavy course load.

Good luck on your upcoming courses, See you in the Ops Room.
I will be applying to Aerospace Control Officer occupation as a direct entry applicant and I was curious about a specific scenario regarding it. I will most likely have Aerospace Control Officer as my only listed occupation. I was wondering what would happen if I, by happenstance, fail my professional training? Will I be "forced" to take on another occupation or will I be let go?
You've already asked this question and had it answered in another thread. If you want more detail, call the recruiting centre.
PuckChaser said:
You've already asked this question and had it answered in another thread. If you want more detail, call the recruiting centre.

My bad. Another user suggested this thread, I thought there was more details to the question that weren't addressed.