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Helmets 2 Hardhats [Merged]

The H2H program at it's heart is an agreement with the unions in order to capitalize on the skills sets that we bring to the table. The trades are hurting, and will be for the foreseeable future. This is a good way (IMHO) for them to build their numbers and satisfy industry needs all while helping our guys out.

Once your apprenticeship is done and you have your ticket, there may be some kind of time pay back to the union, I'm not really sure how it works.

But I can't imagine there would be too much stopping you from being a plumber on your own if that's what you wanted to do.

Their poster boy on their website, Teddy Collins was a good buddy of mine that worked 2nd line for years. Good to see him doing well. Nuclear reactors, never thought of working in that industry.
I have been reading a bunch of stuff online about the Helmets to Hardhats (H2H) program.  It basically recognized military trades in the civilian world.  My understanding is that if a person has the correct military qualifications in a specific trade, then that can be transferred over to the civilian world, e.i. a journeyman ticket.  I read somewhere QL5 qualified. 

Here is my situation.  I am looking at getting into the military (again).  Currently, I am a civilian Journeyman Electrician.  Master Electrician actually (a higher qualification in Alberta).  I also have previous military experience (7 years army, not as an electrician).  However, I do not qualify to be a Electrical Distribution Tech.  My high-school math is not good enough.  I didn’t even take grade 12 math.  Why? Because it was not needed to get a diploma, and I was just a punk kid, wanting to chase girls instead. 

When I asked this question at the recruiting centre, they did not seem to know.  Nor did they know where I could go to find the answer.

I am aware of a PLAR.  However, that is not a guarantee.  There seems to be some variation and it really depends on the individual.  It is possible that there could be a waiver of qualifications, but that is not guaranteed either.  Also, it was indicated to me that this could take a long time.

So my thought; if there is program in place recognizing qualifications going one way, would it also work the other way?  Will civilian qualifications be recognized by the military?

Gimli said:
I have been reading a bunch of stuff online about the Helmets to Hardhats (H2H) program. 

For reference to the discussion,

Combat-to-construction program unveiled for veterans 
3 pages.

The Helmets to Hardhats Program introduced in Tuesday's federal budget involves no new money and will primarily consist of a new website aimed at matching skilled veterans and newly released Canadian Forces members with the construction sector.

See also,

Prior Learning Assessment Review( PLAR ) FAQs
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CF SKilled Trade jobs; Jouneyman Status?

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The CAF does recognize Journeyman/Red Seals. I'm a Journeyman Welder with Red Seal and when I applied to get back in I had Mat Tech as my 3rd choice, they cover welding and because of my credentials I would have had a portion of my QL3 course written off, according to recruiting.