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Just Wanted to Say Hello


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Hello all,

I just wanted to introduce myself to all you wonderful people. I'm a university student out of Ottawa currently finishing the last year of my undergraduate degree in Criminology & Criminal justice. I applied to the Canadian forces a few months back thinking that the process would take a very long time, due to what I have been reading on this forum (as I am a dual citizen). Turns out things are moving better than expected and I passed my CFAT with flying colours. Medical also went well, but when it came time to do my interview I was told I would need to wait until I get my degree (this coming April). So now I am just sitting here at home in front of my laptop, excited every day for what I know will be a great career.

I don't have any questions yet but I'm sure I will in the future.

Keep fighting the good fight

Hello friend!

Glad to hear things have been going quickly for ya! I’m wishing you the best.
GermanWolf said:
How are you guys doing with your application process?

Well, I haven’t touched mine yet for a while, I’m aiming to try to do Bold Eagle for next year. They accept applications in September so I’m going to do it right away in hopes it guarantees me a spot again.

How about you?
GermanWolf said:
How are you guys doing with your application process?

Honestly I’m trying to prepare myself before I start mine up again. In 2017 I did a summer military course called Bold Eagle, and I was doing pretty well (at least on the written tests, got the best mark in my platoon on our first test) until my ankle started giving me issues. I was sent home because the staff worried I would hurt myself on uneven ground. They said I could come back, but to make sure I take care of myself first, so that’s what I’ve been doing. That and working!

Edit: I just realized I already answered this! My bad!