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Kingston STAR WARS planet location......

George Wallace

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So!  According to Channel 16 Next Star Wars Movie to be Filmed Near Kingston, Ontario, Hundreds of Extras Needed

Time to get posted to Kingston?

KINGSTON, Ontario – Reports out of Hollywood this morning are confirming that a portion of the next Star Wars movie will be filmed near Kingston, Ontario. The undisclosed location near Kingston will represent a previously unknown planet in the Star Wars universe.

Local fans of the film series were understandably excited about the news and especially excited about the prospect of becoming an extra in the film after producers also stated that “hundreds of extras will be needed from the Kingston area”.

No details were released as to exactly when production would take place in the Kingston area but they stated that it should begin no later than next fall. A casting call for extras will be announced well before that time period, however. Let us know what you think about this exciting news in the comments section below.

More on LINK.

Potentially another wretched hive of scum and villainy? 

I can probably think of a few places  >:D
Why am I thinking of a Harley-riding extraterrestrial?
An unknown planet in the Star Wars Universe?  The planet of the Jimmies?  Now there's a scary thought  >:D
It's the HQ planet for the Imperial Armed Forces. This is the only place where the Rebel fighters will avoid the thermal vent, because eliminating 27 layers of HQ will make the Imperial forces unstoppable......

I've seen some pretty interesting creatures at stages in the past... No need for Special effects