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Looking For: Special Edition EME or RCEME prints, perhaps Artist


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Yah, OK, long title.

The reviewing officer for a Cadet Corps ceremonial review is the Member of Parliament.  He is also a former EME officer.

The CO is looking for a unique gift for the RO and a print is one of the ideas.  Any ideas on where I can get one?

There was also an EME artist (Cpl Earl Hodge).  He drew many of those cartoons showing the EME horse doing a variety of things.  The CO had the idea of the horse sitting at a desk with the Peace Tower in the background.  Does anyone know how I could contact Cpl Hodge?

Any help is appreciated.
I am unaware of Mr Hodges whereabouts. I know some other artists have tried to imitate them, but the names escape me.

You may want to inquire to the RCEME website the link is

I used to have picture files of the original Earl Hodges drawings, but have since misplaced them. If I find them I can forward them on, however one of the contacts at the website may be able to help you more. It has a link to the regimentla kit shop, but it isn't much help at all.
I found a couple on the Facebook Group for EME Heritage. If you use Facebook, try joining this one and contacting Mr. Beresford. He is super big into EME Heritage, obviously. The proper name is  "EME Branch Heritage (RCEME Museum)"