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MARS Course changes

Scurvy Dog

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Good day all!

Background: I was in the PRes as a MARS JOUT and completed MARS III in 2009. I released in 2010 and now re-enrolled just this past year (2014).

I am going to be headed out to complete my training this Summer, but have heard that there have been changes to the MARS training at VENTURE.

Is there someone that could give me a reasonable walkthrough as to what has changed?

And if I am going to miss the "new" MARS III and proceed to "new" MARS IV, what materials were covered that I'll have to catch myself up on/seek remedial training for?

Is there any topics/skills that I will now have to focus on/learn that may have serious impact on my career going forward?

Very much appreciated and happy to be back in the Mob!
I went through the "old" MARS training system but I'll tell you what I know.

NETPO, now MARS II, is still focused on the basics of being a sailor but with MARS twist to it. You'll learn basic Rules of the Road and a few other skills such as how to take a bearing properly. MARS III is now focused on being an OOW including maneuvers. MARS IV incorporates what you've learned on MARS II and III but adds navigation and basic operations (screen ex's, helo ops etc) to it.

My guess is that you might be MARS II exempt but will have to do MARS III and IV.
Thanks yoman.

After this much time out, it would probably be best if I did MARS III again. Get re-acquainted and all that.

I would hate to have to miss out on manoeuvres, it seems that would be an essential skill to know cold.
Follow up: (Should anyone else be in a similar situation and is keeping tabs on this thread)

yoman was indeed correct. Got my PLAR back and I am MARS II exempt, MARS III re-coursed.

Thank you again!