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Medical Drop Leg Pouch recommendations


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Hey, Everyone. I've lately been looking at drop leg medical pouches to serve as my first line med kit in a dismounted role, I've found a pouch that I like and seems functional. Can hold enough gear to handle one to two patients depending on severity/injury as part of the MAR of the MARCCHE Acronym, Molle attachments on the outside which I would probably use to attach some Tourniquets or other crucial equipment that you need to grab fast. I'm looking for suggestions as to good pouches, or potentially any testimonies as to whether it's a good piece of kit? Thanks everyone, -Badger  :cdn:


EDIT: Used the search feature, searched with the keywords "drop leg medical pouch" and found 3 extremely dead threads.
Here is a similar option from high speed gear, there EOD pouch on a leg drop.


DS tactical may have one in CADPAT as well.

You could always get just a leg drop molle panel and then open up more med kit pouch options.
There is no such thing as a "good drop-leg medical pouch".

Take it from the pro's. They don't work. Keep it on your belt or rig.

Edit to add: the pouch you shown only cares for 1 cas. Keep your personal pouch rear right, your working pouch mid left (assuming you're a right hand shooter).
Agreed.  From personal experience, anything around your legs sucks - med pouches, dump pouches, etc, etc.

So can you let is know that you edged up doing?
WPJ said:

So can you let is know that you edged up doing?

I got the Tacmed solutions Drop Leg pouch, It sits comfortably thus far and doesn't seem encumbering. I have plans to acquire the EOD pouch you mentioned, at this point in time though it's too expensive. I'm heading to the field soon, I'll post an update with how well it holds up/how useful it is. I'm essentially attempting to see whether I like the leg pouch and assess it's usefulness.