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Online application or paper


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I'm about to apply to the reserves and I am just wondering what would be better, the online application or the paper application? on the paper application I give them more information and give it to the recruiter personally would this improve my chances and make the process faster cause they know my face and that I made the effort to attend one of the recruiting sessions and received a paper application or does it not matter at all? Thanks  :cdn:
Personally I applied by handing in my papers in person. Doing this has allowed me to develop and good relationship with my recruiter. He actually knows my name and what occupation I've applied for. He has actually emailed me with updates on my application process. However, apparently my recruiter said that the CF prefers to have application done online... BUT from experience, I recommend you hand in your application in person (if your able to do that still)..
Depends on the CFRC. Some will hand you a package to fill out, some will tell you to apply online. I'm not sure why there's such a variation.
I've actually done both. (Paper in 2006, online this time around)  I can't say that I personally found an advantage to either in terms of rapport with CAF members/recruiters in and of itself.  However, this time around has seen me continue with the recruiting process much longer, so regardless of the format I applied in, I've become very familiar with those working on my file simply because it's been so long. 

IMO, any applicant has an equal chance of building relationships with recruiters and/or various personnel if they take initiative to network when the opportunity arises, regardless of how they apply.
In the near term there will be no option.  The CAF is moving to exclusively online recruiting.