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Reserves and driving

Piper 44

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Hello all i am just wondering how reservists are coping with driving long distances for thier reserve training or not? I will not be able to join the reserve regiment I wanted to join so I will now be forces to drive up to 2 hours for the next closest regiment. I don't mind paying for gas. I am just interested to know if this is a good idea or not??
If you live outside of a certain radius of the unit you get some gas money.

Also, I'd recommend doing a search on this topic; I'am pretty sure it's been covered before.
if you have the schedule to fit it, go ahead, but it sounds time consuming. you don't want to get home extremely late now do you?

and, I too believe it's been covered. I remember reading a thread like this one.
Searching is a magical thing........

Sorry I should have searched. But as long as I have enough time it should be ok right??
I wouldn't see why not, but like the other post I read said... the farther away, the less they saw of them.