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Spelling Checker Errors

I can't seem to reproduce it. What post were you editing?
Does it still do it for you? I can spell check your entries no problem...
That's a problem with your scripting (programming code string is corrupt) It's a Boolean (true, false error) I think, I'm a very amateur programmer and I have seen it before. Maybe some other good computer types can help! BTW  the spell check doesn't always work for me!
Mike, I think I've found the problem with the spell-checker error.

I'd suspected it for a while now (making enough posts to see the difference  :)), but I think the use of the "Quote Post" function is what is throwing things off.  I typed out a post and noticed the spell checker was off, so I cancelled it and cut the quoted part out of my post.  Low and behold the spell-checker started to work properly, not moving correctly spelled words over a few spaces and leaving part of the original misspelled word.

Could this be the solution to the problem?
I tried a few tests and can't reproduce it. Next time it happens, can you post/PM me with the uncorrected text?

I've noticed that using a quote (or any BB code) increases the chances of spell-check error, but I've seen it happen even without any code.
Yeah, just noticed that as well.  Back to the drawing board.... :mad:

I have this error on my board ( www.nairaland.com ), and I'd like to know how you fixed it.  I can reproduce it, I can see the line where the error occured but it doesn't occur on your forum

Make sure you're on the latest version, which is currently 1.1 Beta 2. Not sure what version you're running, as you appear to have removed the copyright/version info from your forums. I believe this is a breach of the EULA, so you may want to consider adding it back.

I thought 1.1 beta was only available to charter members?  I'm not a charter member.

About the copyright (I commented it out, so it's still visible in the HTML code ...)
You're right, 1.1 Beta 2 is only for Charter Members, sorry about that. (We're a Charter Member site.) The current public version then is 1.0.3, and I believe some spell checker fixes are coming in the 1.1 stream for you.

WRT copyright, I found this: http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?topic=34184.0

Done so much modification to the script that I now wish I had started out with PHPBB :(  I really do not like the way the link looks on the page footer:

Army.ca Forums | Powered by SMF 1.1 Beta 2.
© 2001-2005, Lewis Media. All Rights Reserved.

Makes it seem as if Lewis media has something to do with Army.ca
Agreed, but it's a condition of using the software.
When using the spell check today, I noticed that it added a letter to the word that it corrected i.e. "ssentence"and then it would take the space out from between the next word, i.e. "ssentenceto".  Is this just me or am I finally loosing it?
Same here BBJ I thought my computer was acting up and I was hoping to get a new one.
The Spell Check isn't exactly the best at spellchecking.  The dictionary it uses has many flaws, and as far as I know, Mike isn't able to change it.