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Hey guys I was wondering if anyone does the Sudoku puzzles? My girlfriend tried to show me and I even went to the website but it still stumps me. Does anyone else have the same problems? Or am I just slow?  Thanks

Its the Kakuro that I can<t get into, sight!
I love them, and don't have any problems, except with the extreme ones, although I eventually get them.  And not to make you feel slower, but I bought my 8 year old a Sudoku game for his PSP and he has done all the easy level ones already.
Thanks navymich I was hoping for a comment like that :D Well maybe I'm just not looking at it right oh I'll figure it out thanks guys
It comes with time and practice.  Start with a 4x4 grid and get the hang of that first before moving on to the usual 9x9 grid.  I searched online for some, and my son saw me and told me to use one of his old favourites: http://www.thekidzpage.com/learninggames/sudoku/4x4vehicles.html

Don't take it the wrong way for the link being a kids game, just thought it might help anyone having troubles grasping things to see it visually a bit more.
Its all about using logic and deductive reasoning skills.  I dunno if that helps, or just further messes you up. >:D
Really its all method of elimination.
Here's a step-by-step guide on how to play (or rather... how to cheat :p)

However, it must be noted that I'm biased and hate sudoku for my intellect does not allow my mind to grasp such games.  :dontpanic:
Thanks for the link Mich. I spend all day crunching numbers so I think I'll stick with the kiddie version.
Hi, I started playing Sodoku awhile back. at first it was quite confusing but practiced for a while and now it is not that bad, I kind of have a love hate opinion about the game, but it is good number puzzle game ;D

cheers snowy
I have a love-hate relationship with the word jumble in the Ottawa citizen. Though not really as technical as sudoku, sometimes I just can't figure out what one of the damn words are, and it drives me nuts!!!!
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